Another USC Coaching List

This one is courtesy of Athlon’s and features Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris. Can you imagine how well that would be received if it happened?

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  • Henry Bibby

    Pat Haden specified previous head coaching experience is needed. No to Morris, but thanks for copying and pasting. You are really good at it.

    • Booyakasha

      So no Vic Fangio? I like the attitude Vic Fangio brings.

      • steveg

        Who in the fcku is vic fangio?

        • Booyakasha

          49ers DC

          • Stu Azole

            and the guy credited with making Stanford’s D what it is. But Steveg must not have been a fan of SC all the way back a few years ago.

        • Stu Azole

          steveg showing his deep PAC 12 knowledge here once again. Clown.

  • Bill

    How about getting the savior’s (Baby QB) opinion on who he wants to play for? Probably hiring his dad!

  • Hey SUC’s

    This just in from SUC athletic dept.: P Haden has announced that the next SUC HC “must exhibit a strong, prominent, jutting chin. “In the future, SUC will not consider weak chinned HC candidates,” said Mr. Haden, “for reasons that are obvious.”

  • snarfy

    Who cares how it would be received? Pete Carroll wasn’t well received. I think that probably wore off pretty good by the time Carson won the Heisman and USC won the Orange Bowl. Then we went on to two national championships, two more Heismans, six more Pac-10 conference titles, four Rose Bowl victories, and another Orange Bowl victory.

    Actually, now that I think about it, it’s probably more important for a coaching hire to be “well received” on the front end. Great point Wolf.

  • B.Miller

    Great.. But is he a big enough name HC? This is USC! is a low name OC big enough to make an impact at USC? Does he have the personality to handle the LA media?

  • Fred Sampson

    What’s so big about Chad Morris, am I missing something ?because I have never heard of him .