Pat Haden Doubts Lane Kiffin Would Take USC Job In Hindsight

USC athletic director Pat Haden said he did not speak to anyone yet about the coaching search. So was it true Jack Del Rio was at LAX last night? Did he speak to someone other than Haden?`

`I don’t think (Lane Kiffin) probably would have taken the job four years ago had he known what he was getting himself into,” Haden told the Colin Cowherd show.

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  • Henry Bibby

    Jack Del Rio was not in LA. That twitter rumor has already been proven to be false.

    “Did he speak to someone other than Haden?”

    He talked to Haden? What source fed you that BS? Is this what it takes to get a beat writer job for the Daily News? I just make things up and put a question mark behind it.

    • gotroy22

      Are you the Fat Booster?

    • Helen

      Answer: yes, that’s all it takes to get the Daily News beat writer job.

  • Stu Azole

    This is an important point for Trogies to remember. Snactions are STILL ON and will be impacting the program for at least 3 more years. You think the team’s thin this year? Wait until next year, and the next. The job to get at SC is the NEXT opening.

    • Independent_George

      Next year wiil suck but recruting restrictions end after this class, roster restrictions will end after next. Can sign 19 or twenty this year (because Kiffin left four or five on the board).

      Something no one has addressed: with all of Kiffin’s whining about scholie restrictions he undersigned two years in a row. He either left 6 or 8 on the table (depending on who ios doing the counting), which, if he had signed, would have put the roster at the full 75 instead of the 67 he started out with.

      Kiffin’s “genius” was allegedly recruiting and the “very detailed plan” he sold to Haden regarding managing the sanctions. His managment of the sanctions has been as poor as his play calling and player development. He left 6 to 8 scholships on the table during a time when every scholarship needed to be used, and he pissed off the local players with his focus on OOS recruits and the Kylie Fitts episode.

      • Stu Azole

        even if they can take 20 this year, 5 must be EE’s because the leftover rides are part of the last class – will there even be a coach in place by December to recruit the early enrollee’s? And they’re still capped at 75 for another season. Who’s hurt? Who’s graduating or leaving early? And the real issue is youth – SC will be playing so many freshmen and sophs for the next few years it’ll be a joke.

        You’re dead right on the last comment though – the Fitts episode was a mess for SC.

      • Ben Factor

        I’m not sure if it’s fair to blame Kiffin directly for not signing his full 18 last year. He had all of those scholarships committed, and the small class resulted from decommitments due to the the poor season. However, his mismanagement was an X% cause of the poor season, and therefore an X% cause of the unused scholarships.

        I don’t know what to make of his policies regarding local players. The limited number of scholarships had a ripple effect on who could be offered at what point in time, and I’m not sure that he mishandled the situation. I don’t think that he mishandled Kylie Fitts; I think that was just an unfortunate business dilemma resulting from the sanctions, and I think Kiffin probably made the right decision. If Kylie Fitts were instead an OT, I would reach the opposite conclusion.

        Kiffin MAY have planned poorly regarding recruitment of OTs and CBs. It’s clear in hindsight that he didn’t recruit enough of either in 2011 or 2012. However, some of that may have resulted from factors not fairly under his control. Hard to say.

        If Kiffin had handled everything as well as he handled recruiting (through the 2013 class), I think he would still have his job. He was undone by his inflexibility, arrogance, and insularity as a coach, offensive strategist, collaborator, leader, and media handler.

        • Golden Trojan

          Add his inconsistency, failure to adjust at half time, failure to lead, indecision with QB, failure to delegate.

        • Independent_George

          Sure you can. Lesson in managing sanctions: stay local. The more time you spend chasing Eastern OOS kids, you more time UCLA, Washington, ASU, Oregon are spending in your backyard. That was a HUGE failure in Kiffin’s vaunted plan to deal with the sanctions.

    • C Franklin

      Stu Azle…another idiotic ignorant statement. Moron there is only 1 year of sanctions left and after McNair case hits the fan in 2014 those sanctions will be dropped too. The NCAA is screwed…and your a fool

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Another dumb decision Goatboy … besides he would have been fired at Tennessee by now anyway. Goat Kiffin will set a record for times fired before he is done.

  • Golden Trojan

    Yeah JDR left after the game at 6:30pm, flew to LA, had a meeting, got back to Denver for dinner with the Broncos staff. Haden meets with Kiffin at 3am, tweets out to players at 3:30am, sends press release at 4:30am, meets with coaches and then players at 11am, press conference at 1pm. When did he sleep let alone meet with potential coaches!

  • jkstewart2

    Kiffin’s problem is that his performance wasn’t worth $4M. I don’t believe he would be successful with the full scholarship package.