• Trojan Hoarse

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest………..will you be taking any calls, Wolfie?

  • Henry Bibby

    Make sure you mention how Jack Del Rio was at LAX.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      And please mention a few more unconfirmed “Twitter” reports from cyberspace……..

    • Helen

      Don’t forget to mention how ineffective the scholarships reductions have been.

      • marvgoux1

        And don’t forget to mention that traveling squads to away games don’t take even 70 players so how could that be an excuse for giving up 62 points to ASU.

        • Joe Blow

          And don’t forget to mention Kiff banned you from practice

      • B.Miller

        Dont forget to mention what Barkley is doing in Philly and his thoughts on the Kiffin Fire

  • wolfman, the media keeps citing Kiff’s “contentious relationship with the media” as one reason for his termination…wolfman, this VALIDATES that YOU were mostly responsible for taking Kiff downtown to China Town!!!

    Congrats on the payback!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      Setting aside your narcissism, the media ALWAYS thinks they are the story. Kiffin was not let go because he didnt get along with the media. He was fired because he kept losing football games. No one cares if the practice is open if the team wins.

      • OH REALLY???
        than WHY was the first thing the boozy elf did wasRE-OPEN THE PRACTICES to the MEDIA???
        HUH? well??

        • TrojanFamily

          Just because it was a mistake to close practices and USC corrected it doesn’t mean it was an important reason he got fired. Here is your counter-factual:

          If Kiffin closes the practices and is a jerk to the media, and wins the Rose Bowl this year, is he the coach in 2014?

          And if Kiffin opens practices and goes 3-10, is he the coach in 2014?

          Even someone whose knowledge of football is as limited as yours can comprehend this one.

          • ThaiMex

            You sound exactly like those hilarious “Iffins”! Iffin Barkley doesn’t throw that key interception…..”IFFIN” the CLOCK doesn’t keep running we win…..”IFFIN” we don’t get called for that 15 yard penalty…..The facts are, Goat Boy and PAPPY were both fired! Goat Boy made enemies with everyone around him….Quit with the “IFFIN” stuff. You knuckleheads NEVER learn!
            fit UN torgans!

          • Joe Blow

            Agree. More like Wiener Beaner

          • Tom Oday

            Good example. ThaiMexBucket (below) didn’t pick up on your hypothetical “iffins” to prove your point.

          • steveg

            Touche` back

  • john wolcott

    It is truly amazing how many FUCLA posters are on this SC blog. Schadenfraude, or taking extreme delight in SC’s misfortune, seems to be FUCLA’s obsession.

    I occasionally go over to the FUCLA blog, and there seldom are any comments

    If the enemy is talking more about SC than its own FUCLA, then apparently the.Trojans are more interesting to them

    • Mike 70

      You are correct. I go to the Jack Wang blog when I have nothing else to do. But these guys come out of the woodwork now. What shallow, meaningless lives they must lead. So many guys with multiple handles…as always they obsess about USC. All living in dual wides out in the I.E.

      • Hey SUC’s

        First chicken hackle, first chicken lay.

    • Stu Azole

      LOL. You fail to realize that we’re quite content with UCLA football at the moment – you can only post so many “man, things are great” posts before it gets self-congratulatory. Here, however, the fun NEVER stops! If it’s not SC just SUCking, it’s SC fans bashing each other, blaming the wrong people, or just lashing out at the great Wolfie because they have nowhere else to place their frustrations! It’s like Christmas every day. HoHoHo!

      • Cheap seats

        I have to admit the UCLA blog got interesting when you did your little YouTube rant on Asians in the library.

      • Joe Blow

        You bRuins are mostly 909ers with a lousy life. Your football program sucks now and has since 1954. It’s fun to spar with such losers. Bagel On!

    • Cheap seats

      I think there’s only one Bruin fan that comes here.

      For the “others” — 10 of them are ONE guy (Bucket) who has never stepped foot on a UCLA campus. The rest are haters and claim to be UCLA fans.

      • as i have said before, it is natural for frightened trOXans to conjure up a myth about one mutant Uber-Bruin who is kicking trOXan’s crotches in!!!
        the reality, that an army of quick witted well educated Bruins who are aaaaaaall outta bubble gum, if scary, i know.
        this kind of make-believe is called a coping mechanism, and if it makes you feel safe, i support it!!!!

        • Cheap seats

          an “army”?? You seriously provide the entertainment on this board!

          btw – I tried adding you on Facebook. Not going to accept my friend request? I’m insulted!

          • why??? so you can toment me in front of my hundreds of friends???
            oh, you would LOVE that wouldn’t you cyber-bully???

          • Cheap seats

            LMAO…as if that’s your real facebook account!

        • TrojanFamily

          I dont think a single person on here thinks you are a UCLA fan. In fact, I’m pretty certain you couldn’t spell UCLA if we spotted you the U and the C.

          • Hey SUC’s

            Very clever. plagerzining

          • Tom Oday

            Yea! Who repeats a joke?

    • Hey SUC’s

      No, It’s just fun to rub SUC blogger noses in angst that surrounds the SUC football team. Remember the SUC “unfinished business” bill board in Westwood. I mean SUC sucks. Embrace the stench of lousy (62 to 41) FB. How’s the water polo team doing?

    • FreeShabazz

      John Wolcott just nailing it!!! On the field, ucla much more interesting. Blog, hands down Sc. Tough, when sc fans really believe in a national championship the last couple years pre-season and in reality have the worst team in the conference. Sorry dude

  • OOOOOOOOH!!!! the wolfman gets his props from PETROS!!!

    total beat down of the bitter turds on this blog who QUESTIONED the wolfman’s SWEEEEET SCOOOOP about the Kiff being pulled off the bus!!!

    as i have said before, Dummies, when the wolfman says it, you can take it to the BANK!!! (jabbing index finger)



      The Bank of BJ Spiller!

    • Tom Oday

      Another “unconfirmed twitter report”? Or did Wolf see/hear Kiffin get fired in the parking lot?

  • Wayne Lusvardi

    When Lane Kiffen took over USC football program in 2010 his mistake was not to demand the the university vigorously pursue legal actions to maintain his scholarship level players who were ready to suit up each week for games at 75. The university’s temerity at pursuing whatever legal actions may have been available to them is the backdrop to the demise of Kiffen and the obliteration of its football program. College football is also different now with fast pace no huddle offenses and using squads of fresh players to wear down opponents. Limiting scholarship players is a major potential injury hazard at this level of football. USC has what? something like 8 to 10 players on offense and same number on defense that will be NFL candidates. But that isn’t enough talent when the game is played by attrition. USC should immediately correct this situation. If not, the alumni should find an injured player and ask if they can file a lawsuit on their behalf against the NCAA due to the scholarship reductions. If the university won’t do it, the alumni should.

    • W.S. you have taken the Leonard Tose offramp!!

      hmmm…there must be some Southern Cal alum CRAZY enough to take this case…..but who??

      • ThaiMex

        When you need a Lawyer really bad…..
        Call Lawyer John, a Really bad lawyer (the offices of……..John Wolcott)
        fit UN!

    • Wayne Lusvardi

      Allow me to add: what smart competent coach would come to USC without an assurance by the university that it would bring the scholarship level ready to play roster up to 75? They would be fools just like Kiffen was seduced to take the job under such a handicap. If USC is serious about attracting a nationally talented new coach they are going to be compelled to do something about the 75 scholarship read to play athletes situation. Otherwise, smart coaches will avoid them until when? 2020? The university or the alumni need to attack the NCAA and get a court injunction against scholarship reductions of active ready players less than 75. This unjust punishment should be corrected. Look, if I have a talent to sing and I go to USC music school or film school and a talent agent wants to invest in my future by buying a house and car for my parents what is there legally forbidding such an action? Nothing that I know of. So what is the difference with football athletes who may go to the NFL? Who is the NCAA to punish a school and its football athletes for one single player whose family was given benefits in return for the agent’s future percentage of the player’s pay? Is college football indentured servitude? I like the non-corruption of college football by money but big money is just being siphoned off for the universities leaving football players a pittance of a scholarship that often won’t lead to a job in today’s job market. Remember when Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax of the LA Dodgers held out for a $100,000 per year contract? Yes, this would lead to a system where schools could just buy athletes. But isn’t the current system worse? USC has a motto: FIGHT ON. They should.

      • Hey SUC’s

        More yada, yada , yada ad infinitum.

        • steveg

          Intelligent reply. Sounds like the rah rah’s are getting to you. lol

    • Hey SUC’s

      Yada, yada, yada.

  • rusoviet

    Well ‘Wayne’ good riddance to Kiffin – Kiffin knew there was a reason he was offered the job by Garrett and it wasn’t because he (Kiffin) was deemed a great coach. Kiffin also saw this move as giving him another shot at assuming he was good (he’s not) and regardless of how long he’s out of coaching he’s made plenty of money ‘and’ has the added’ non-accountability card per the reduction in scholarships.

    I’d see this opening as a true challenging with nothing but upside based on the lack of any leadership by the HC just fired – but hey if you believe that the reborn UCLA and solid OR and Stanford programs can’t be matched in the short haul so be it. I believe a really driven individual (and all HC’s are driven) as well as looking for a real challenge will emerge just as Enfield has for a moribund men’s bb program.

  • rusoviet

    Scott thank you for stating that it would be a mistake were the university to hire Jack Del Rio – bad move because his interest isn’t seeing the also rans get their degrees and I frankly don’t think he’s that skilled.

    Oh well top of the 7th in Arlington – TB has two on w. 2 outs and TB is leading TX 4 – 2.