Would Chip Kelly Take USC Job After One Year With Eagles?

NFL analyst and long-time Dallas Cowboys executive Gil Brandt thinks Kelly would leave the Eagles.

“It would not shock me to see Kelly leave (the Eagles) after one season,” Brandt said. Link here

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  • Joe Blow

    At least Chip could get us a deal on Recruiting reports.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Yes…..reports from 2011!

  • Jj Griffiths

    dude is making $6.5 mill for 5 years – you think HE is going to walk away from that? if it doesnt pan out this season, there will be some changes in his staff, but he ain’t goin’ anywhere for at least 2 or 3 years. as soon as he’s fired though…he’ll be hired by some college 2 seconds later. of course, the eagles would have to eat crap on his contract even if supplemented by a college program after his release – and that amount would be maybe half of each years pay since he was making 3.5 at Oregon.

  • Helen

    Gil Brandt to Scott Wolf somewhere at LAX: “I am your father.”

    • Helen, you KNOW i love the wolfman like a brother….but that was a good one. had me chortling.

      • Helen

        Chortle more, crotch kick less

      • TrojanFan

        According to a source, hourly rates are better on Mondays and Tuesdays, FYI!

    • David Stewart

      Helen…I can’t stop laughing…that was awesome

  • Dennis Hogan

    Chip Kelley was guilty of the NCAA violation that got him banned from college for 18 months. I doubt USC would touch him even if he would be interested.

  • Charles G.

    No, he is not going to leave the Eagles after one year for any college team, including USC. Chip Kelly has a Show Cause that goes through the 2014 season, so it makes it almost impossible for any college team to hire him.


      Thank you. Wolf just doesn’t get it.

      • are you Dummies being DELIBERATELY OBTUSE?? that was BRANDT that said that not the wolfman!!!

        wolfman knows all the details of every major college coach’s contract!!


          This isnt the first post that this blog mentions kelly.

          • i’ve also seen comments about Mora, Meyer and Saban. don’t believe everything you read, sonny.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          You are correct. Brandt made the statement, but Wolfie asked the question……..Scottie likes to spread this kind of stuff around faster than STD’s…..And the only thing that Wolf knows about college coaches contracts is how much they make…..according to “sources”….at LAX…. via Twitter…..

          • Paul Hackett

            Wolf asked the question? Really ? He works in Philly now? Man you’re a dullard.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Are you really that stupid???… here… let me type a little slower so that you might understand……..Wolf …asked ….the …question…”Would Chip Kelly Take USC Job After One Year With Eagles?”, which is the title of this particular blog entry….comprende?

        • Charles G.

          Scott Wolf did ask the question as the title of the suggests. Also, responsible journalism would dictate that he refute the possibility of Kelly coming to USC because of his Show Cause.

          So maybe he is a irresponsible journalist or he didn’t know about the Show Cause or both.

          I would expect a good journalist to say, “NFL analyst and long-time Dallas Cowboys executive Gil Brandt thinks Kelly would leave the Eagles. This is unlikely to happen because Chip Kelly received a Show Cause from the NCAA from his time in Oregon. That Show Cause runs through the 2014 season. Considering that USC is in the marker for a coach now, they will not be waiting until 2015 to hire Kelly.”

    • B.Miller

      Charles.. thank you for the FACTS.. something that Wolf lacks when reporting

  • betomas

    The answer is probably not. He is not a big fan of SC and he plays a much diff kind of football that doesn’t scheme well with the pro set mentality at USC.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    I doubt that Phil Knight and Nike would be too impressed. ….

  • Trojandn

    I agree that USC would not hire Chip Kelly but could you imagine if they did? What a game it would be when USC played Oregon with similar offenses. Scoring for both teams would probably be in the 70’s…

  • B.Miller

    Don’t even put Chip Kelly and USC in the same sentence..
    I rather have Bobby Petrino