Jack Del Rio In L.A.?

That’s according to an unconfirmed twitter report. Del Rio did speak to the media in Denver after the Broncos game and said, “There isn’t anything to say. It’s all speculation at this point.”

Pat Haden Had `Gut Feeling’ About Program’s Decline

Pat Haden said at his press conference he started getting a “gut feeling” about something not being right with the football program at the Hawaii game. I guess those 13 games last season were not much of a hint. And I wonder how he feels about that video he made in late July now.
Haden said he was 100 percent behind Kiffin until last night.
“In my heart of hearts of I have supported Lane with everything the last three years,” Haden said.

Can USC Revive Its Season?

Do you think USC can regroup without Lane Kiffin and have a decent remainder of the season? One player told me privately the team feels less pressure because Kiffin’s status became a constant topic. One plus: USC has nothing to lose really.

Lane Kiffin’s Downfall Was 2011

Lane Kiffin’s demeanor really changed after the Trojans went 11-2 in 2011. He must have felt secure because he became even more arrogant and treated people worse with his newfound success. You could see it outwardly when he stormed away from press conferences but behind-the-scenes players also complained that Kiffin focused too much on certain players like Matt Barkley.
Players also complained about his demeanor in the locker room and this led to last year’s problems with respect. Things only magnified this season following the Washington State loss.