Pete Carroll On Lane Kiffin

CAESARFormer USC coach Pete Carroll spoke on the firing of Lane Kiffin.

“It’s been a hard time for the Trojan family, a hard couple of years. This is difficult too,” Carroll said. “I’ve known Lane since he was a little kid, so I feel for him in this situation. But they’ve made a decisive move and they’re going to move forward.”


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  • Hey SUC’s

    Little Petey Pom-Pom, what a stinking duck.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Actually, nobody cares about your trollish opinions

      • Hey SUC’s

        If you don’t care what I think of LP P-P, why would you bother telling me you don’t care for my opinions? You remind me of a crazy stupid German who’s wants to scream Sieg Heil for old times sakes. Suck on Jethro.

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          Please expand on this. I’m curious what I have done that led you to the German extremist comparison.

    • TDOG

      That’s funny, like anybody cares about your opinions? Pete Carroll, as I write, is the #1 Head Coach in the NFL and has the #1 team, handles multiple philanthropies, would kick your butt straight up – and what do you have? A computer, keyboard, mouse, and a jar of vaseline. Good luck to you! Go bRuins we beeeleeeve in you can I get an eight slap? U – G – L – Y, U-G-L-Y beat our meat!

      • Hey SUC’s

        If you don’t care, why bother making a complete fool of yourself posting your useless opinion regarding my LP P-P post.

    • TrojanFamily

      This may be the dumbest post in the history of this blog. At least we know what the SUC stands for in your name.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        SUC stands for “Significantly Underdeveloped Cranium”………

  • Stu Azole

    Interesting – a real man would have said something like “I’m sorry to Lane and the entire USC family. I regret the actions, or lack thereof, that led to USC being penalized harder than any school in history. I failed the students, administrators and, most of all, players. I’m truly, truly, sorry.”


      We’ll pass that on to Reggie’s step-dad!

    • Golden Trojan

      It would be nice if some players and coaches started owning up to the damage they cause to programs. Set up non athletic scholarships to make amends. Trouble is they all think they were entitled to what they illegally got.

      • Stu Azole


  • Paul Hackett

    If it wasn’t for PC and his unwillingness to have adult coaches around him who might get a wee bit of credit for USC’s success during his tenure, Kiffin might be showing old ladies how to play shuffleboard these days.

    • Golden Trojan

      Yeah Pete’s results did seem to trail off when he got rid of the grownups (Chow). Pete did move Kiffin to the Raiders.

  • rusoviet

    Miss you Pete – thanks for the incredible resurrection of the program and especially for “A Better LA” – your impact at Jordan Downs and Nickerson Gardens is what your real legacy will be not the glory of wins or losses.

    Never saw any other coach at USC or UCLA or anywhere else with that kind of high profile do what Pete Carroll never.

    • Hey SUC’s

      Nobody cheated like LP P-P.

      • trojan4life

        Get lost!!

  • B.Miller

    what he means is that Norm Chow and Sark were the real offensive genius.. Not the bratty lil kid Lame Kiffin!

  • john wolcott

    No point for Trojans to engage FUCLA posters on this blog because all you will get is an egotistically driven smart-aleck remark

    Not exactly a warm remark about Kiffin from Carroll

    Speaking of whom, I will always carry with me the fond memories of following Carroll and the most entertaining football team of all time from 2003-2005 from college town to college town.

    I never did it before and am sure I will never do it again. But it was the Trojans’ time

    • ….HEY!

    • rusoviet

      I fail to understand your sense of the lack of support by PC for Lane Kiffin – facts are facts – even noting the severe impact of the scholarship restrictions sadly the way Lane Kiffin coached resulted in mostly marginal wins and the worst losses in school history.

      • Independent_George

        Kiffin irritated PC when he tried to throw him under the bus of “recruiting failures.”

        The only think that kept the program above water were when PC’s recruits played. Gave the program the swag that allowed them to go 10-2 in 10-2.

        Kiffie’s Kiddie’s, brought up in a culture of paranoia, played tight and without any swagger. Showed most at the SAU game, then thwy just gave up on Kiffie.