What About Art Briles?

A name that is not being floated but would be intriguing is Baylor coach Art Briles. Baylor has the No. 1 offense in the country. Even though Briles is probably unfamiliar with Southern California, his offense would certainly shake things up.

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  • Stu Azole

    He’s actually one of the guys I was hoping for at UCLA. But to make up for Lane, SC will be trying to hit a “home run” with a “big name guy”, thus overlooking the real gems out there.

    • Bruin Rick

      Mora is better. Now as long as Haden doesn’t hire Sark away from Washington, Mora will be at UCLA for years to come. Booya!

      • Golden Trojan

        Till the NFL comes calling.


          shh, they’re not used to having a decent coach who would actually get offers from the NFL.

          • Hey SUC’s

            FtoV: How many former SUC QB’s have won SB rings as starters. I believe the # is very close to Zip. It’s possible “Suitcase” Rodney Peete may have picked up the odd ring during his long, next stop, career tour as a primary 2nd, 3th or 4th string QB.

          • Tom Oday

            What a zinger comeback. You are brilliant Mr. Sucs. Spin On!

          • Hey SUC’s

            You want spin? Ok, in 2012 SUC was voted #1 football team in the nation. The team was on a mission: “unfinished business” as it were. So Tommy, splain the results of that spun crock of s**t.

          • Tom Oday

            What does your comment about SB winning QB’s have to do with a “pissing contest” about CFB coaches?

          • Hey SUC’s

            Point taken.

          • Tom Oday

            Why do I feel you are Bruin Rob? It was much more fun back then.

        • Stu Azole

          He’s had an entire career in the NFL. Not like Cheaty Pete who always thought he had more to prove.

        • Fred Sampson

          3.5 million plus dollars a year, job stability, and living in beautiful Manhattan Beach….you really think Jim Mora will leave for the NFL ? NOT !!!!! Especially since the pieces of his puzzle are starting to fall into place.

          • steveg

            Mora WILL leave when the offer is right. If he is successful the offers will come sooner. He is a pro, it isn’t about the money. Pro career is the ultimate. College is a passion. High school is fun. Pop Warner is love of sport and kids.

          • sureshot32

            Mora said he’d leave the NFL for his beloved Huskies of UW, so there’s always that. I’m still in wait-and-see mode with Mora. He lost three games in a row to close out last season and his biggest claim to fame this year is climbing out of a 21-3 hole against a Nebraska team that has given up ridiculous yards and points to teams like Wyoming.

            He might be a good coach, but he has NOT proved it just yet.

      • steveg

        Nobody wants Sark, except you.

    • Isaiahdolan

      You might be right.

    • Cheap seats

      A “home run” like Bill Callahan.

  • Joe Blow


  • Bruin Rick

    He will be the next UT coach

    • Golden Trojan

      Makes sense.

  • john wolcott

    Hey, I have a possible candidate, a guy named Orgeron. Only 51, has college head coaching experience, is a great recruiter, a great motivator, and would love the job.

    • Dennis Hogan

      And bleeds Cardinal & Gold! Fight On!

    • Stu Azole

      Let’s all hope that’s who gets it!

    • Ted

      have you seen his record as head coach? even worse then Kiffin. Should SC settle for a no name? Should go get big name.

    • ThaiMex

      and…he’s a wife beater!
      Perfect for SCUm!
      fit UN Torgan!

      • Thai, your comments check out. i liked the Agin’ Cajun, but i found that in addition, the Agin’ Cajun has numerous reprimands for recruiting violations, was fired for starting a bar fight (while w/ Miami) and tried to poach recruits from Tenn for Southern Cal and while with ol’ Miss, he even tried to poach players from Tulane in the Katrina aftermath!

        in fact, i could forgive all of those issues before the domestic violence issues. putting hands on a woman is the most cowardly thing a man can do, especially a big brute like the Agin’ Cajun. doesn’t look like the Boozy Elf didn’t do his homework!!

        • Golden Trojan

          Is that why his wife and kids live in Louisiana?

  • Hey SUC’s

    We want yak; we want yak; we want yak; SUC needs Yak as HFC.

    • Mike 70

      Brilliant, you are on fire. Shows what a Fucla education produces.

  • steveg

    Briles is coaching an offense that is not really suited to our QB’s. If he could recruit a freshman that could learn his offense and start we may be okay. He is a good coach and has assembled a good staff and recruited well. Not my top choice though.

    • Cheap seats

      Whoops…didn’t read your comment before I pretty much said the same thing. We don’t have a dual threat QB on our roster. Plus, it would be an awful waste for Max Browne!

    • Ryan Harvey

      Briles coaches an Air Raid offensive concept and is a M. Leach disciple. His system doesn’t require a running QB. It is a pass heavy offense. Max Browne operated out of the shotgun in high school and would be excellent in this system. He just wouldn’t be running. This is the same with Texas A&M and K. Sumlin. He just is blessed with a very athletic QB right now, but his system also ran with Case Keenum who threw for over 5,000 yrds/yr. and minimal rushing yards.

  • FGsLoseGames

    It’s Eddie O’s job if he beats ND and Ucla

  • Independent_George

    SUC is boring. Where is Buckett?

  • Cheap seats

    Back to Wolfies’ question, I did attend last year’s Holiday Bowl (which had a sad attendance showing for a So Cal team) and Baylor reminded me of Oregon.

    However, it was tough to tell how much of it was UCLA’s seniors and soon-to-be pros mailing it in and hoping they didn’t get injured.

    I think Wolf wants a coach that will bring a spread/uptempo offense BADLY.

    Unfortunately, we would have to RECRUIT for this type of offense as all 3 QBs aren’t the running type — or at least someone we WANT running the ball.

    Even you UCLA guys will likely admit that it was painful to see Neuheisel run the pistol with non running QB’s Prince and Brehaut. Lucky for Mora and Mazzone, they had Hunley (and possible Fuller) waiting in the wings.

    We don’t have a Hunley to run Brile’s offense.

  • Bill

    I hear Chris Kiffin has shown some interest and thrown his hat in the ring!

  • B.Miller

    NO! Keep him in Texas! LA is too big