Another Telling Dion Bailey Quote

“You have to have players that want to play for the coach.”

— USC safety Dion Bailey on Ed Orgeron being a players’ coach

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  • Bonasera, what did Kiff ever do the make his AD and players treat him with such diesrespect??

    it was mentioned on this blog that UCLA carried NewHassle off the field for his last pracitce….the trOXans are forming a Conga line to take turns kicking Kiff in the crotch!!

    “trOXan for life”???

    yeah right

    • CardinalnGold

      Forgive us if we’re not as comfortable with mediocrity as you bruins are

      • Arturo

        so after they got pounded 50 to 0, got trashed by Oregon, and lost their bowl game to finish 6 and 8, they carried him off the field? If they’da lost again, say 70 nothing, they might’ve made him President of the school or AD, right?

    • Jack B

      Let’s review.

      Bucket Boy literally lives on a USC blog. Always talking about crotches or gay bars, et al. Strictly grammar school.

      Question for this Little Gutty, who wouldn’t know a forward pass from a day pass.

      Why can’t the Little Gutties win, or even get into a January Rose Bowl game?

      • Hey SUC’s

        SUC, as we speak is 0 – 2 in the P12 southern Conference and in last place. SUC just lost 62 – 41 to AZ State. UCLA may be the Little Gutties, but the SUC, 2013 FB team is gutless; all mouth, a tempest in a teapot. Can’t wait for SUC’s next loss.

        • Jack B

          Can’t wait for the upcoming UCLA losses to Stanford and Oregon. Will be sweet.

          USC hasn’t even hit the rebuilding stage yet. Since the Little Gutties have only beat us twice in the last 14 years, I’m okay with whatever you have to dish out. I’ll take 12 out of 14 any day of the week. Any day.

          So, you’ve now beat four super mediocre opponents in a row. You haven’t beat anybody. Throw yourself a big party. Your annual Little Gutty crash is coming, as always.

        • anno nimus

          “Gutless” brilliant!!

    • TrojanFan

      Wow!!!!….that breath still smells the same….ouch!

  • David Stewart

    Give it a rest Scott. For crying out loud. I think I hear your mommy calling…time for bed little boy.

  • john wolcott

    It all sounds great with the new energy and enthusiasm the players have under Coach Org.

    But I am reminded of what Coach John Mckay once said about his wife, Corky, that she was highly emotional and enthusiastic, but was a lousy football player

    So let’s see how this plays out

    • Helen

      Do you ever wonder what John MaKay would of thought of Scottie?

    • Ben Factor

      You’re so right, John. The odds of a complete reversal are just a little better than the odds that USC wouldn’t be terribly impacted by sanctions of that severity.

      I remember that quote from McKay. He was a real character.

      Here’s another one, after a decisive victory, either in a bowl game or over ND or UCLA (don’t recall): “That’s the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on.”

  • john wolcott

    Good one, Ben, I didn’t remember that one