Cody Kessler Didn’t Like Sharing QB Job

USC QB Cody Kessler told the Pac-12 Network he struggled while he and Max Wittek shared the job.
“I felt like I was going into that not as ‘OK you’re the starter go win this game,’ as ‘OK you’re not the starter yet go win this job, oh, and also try to win this game at the same time.’ It was a very difficult situation,” Kessler said.
Listen to interview here

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  • Henry Bibby

    Just make the title of every post, LANE KIFFIN IS NOT A GOOD COACH AND HERE’S MORE PROOF.

    This was 3 weeks ago, by the way. Who cares today?

    • Ben Factor

      I agree. Pointless post.

      Since Kessler is starting and Kiffin is fired, why not talk to Kessler about what he wants to accomplish now, and what he needs to do about that?