Ed Orgeron Says Jeff Tedford Declined Job Offer

USC interim coach Ed Orgeron said he called former Cal coach Jeff Tedford about joining the coaching staff to help the offense but Tedford declined.
“I did call him to see if he was interested in some capacity,” Orgeron said. “There were other things he had in mind.”
Orgeron said he was surprised at the quality of some coaches that did call him but it wasn’t the right fit. He said he was open to hiring another coach but he would not call anybody else.

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  • Ben Factor

    I find it surprising that an offensive coach is being sought, vs. a defensive coach. It’s disappointing to me that there are five offensive coaches (Baxter on TEs, right?), and they can’t put their heads together to create an effective approach and plan. AM I OVERLY CRITICAL IN MY DISAPPONTMENT?

    If so, why not hire one of those quality offensive coaches who have called, as a short-term consultant to critique the offensive strategy and execution, and make suggestions. Then, hire one of those quality defensive coaches for a second short-term consultancy, to critique the offense from the defensive point of view, and make suggestions about what would make it more difficult to defend. In fact, why not have Pendergast do that right now?

    If Orgeron thinks he needs head-coaching lessons instead, he could probably hire a consultant for that as well.

    • Joe Blow

      You should mind your own business. Ed knows more about football than you’ll ever know. Go back to cleaning the heads. BTW, an fires out there in the IE?

      • Ben Factor

        You’re so angry, Joe. Why? Not making enough money?

        • Trojan Hoarse

          I think the federal government shutdown has everyone a bit on edge these days……

        • Hey SUC’s

          Unbelievable Benny, you know you’re in SUC land when “how much money you have,” rears its ugly head. Let me guess Benny, you drive a black BMW or MBZ that you leased for 9 years and has a SUC lic. frame.

    • Arturo

      42 points seems pretty effective to me. Weird assumption about Orgeron. Where’d you get that?

      • Ben Factor

        Please explain–why was he trying to hire Tedford? What’s your theory?

        See my response to Tom Oday.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          For all of Tedford’s inadequacies, he does know how to run a Pro-Style offensive…. these types of coaches, especially the good ones, are literally a dying breed….

    • Tom Oday

      One HC/OC gone…ONE coaching opening available.

      • Ben Factor

        Hi, Tom.

        I was puzzled by this.

        Orgeron’s got 5 offensive coaches. He’s missing a defensive coach now–he has only two coaches dedicated to the defense.

        He tries to hire Tedford for the offense. I say to myself: why? They have five guys coaching offense already.

        It occurs to me that maybe he wants an outside look from someone. To me,
        the answer is a short-term consultant, maybe consecutive ones, as I

        Still, Orgeron has 5 offensive coaches, so
        even that puzzles me. It occurs to me that maybe what Orgeron really wants is a sounding board about head coaching, and that’s why he wants to hire Tedford.

        None of this is meant to diminish Orgeron. The smartest leader hires guys who are even smarter than he is. He’s not intimidated. He’s not afraid. He’s driven to
        improve everything, and he wants to work with the very, very best.

        • Golden Trojan

          He talked to Tedford perhaps because Pendergast and O are comfortable having him around. Some other coach may try to use the position to maneuver for the HC job. O has to be careful who he brings in. Kiffin may have been so suffocating that the staff is having difficulty getting on the same page.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    #1 – I am sure that Tedford would prefer to be considered for the USC Head Coaching position himself, and not some glorified role as a consultant.

    #2 – Wasn’t Tedford Kiffin’s mentor while at Fresno State?… perhaps, it’s too soon and he doesn’t want to appear to be dancing on Kiffin’s grave?

    • B.Miller

      I though Tedford and Pendergast had a falling out

  • B.Miller

    Did Lane Kiffin Call?