Stat Of The Day

With the Arizona State loss, Lane Kiffin dropped to 0-12 at USC in games where he fell behind by 7+ points in the second half.

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  • and THAT was with the greatest QB in trOXan HISTORY!!! (the Pious Passer)

    thanks for the GUMBALL, wolfman!!!


      any QB that drops 50 on the baby-powder blue bears from west hollywood is great in my books!

      • no we use the Glow Room in Anaheim for our after hours parties. i heard you were there last time, you brute.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Sure it’s not the Frat House in Garden Grove, Big Boy?

          • check out the Gay Bar knowledge from T-Hose!!! (that’s what were talking about, right??)

            wait, is T-Hose your “code name”???


          • Trojan Hoarse

            I do my homework, unlike some of the other people who post on this blog…and living in The OC for over 50 years provides me with a bit of local knowledge ….maybe even some carnal knowledge………

          • LOUD AND PROUD, way to BE, T-HOSE!!!!

            there is hope for you YET!!

          • Trojan Hoarse

            BTW…. your Yelp reviews were spot on…….Pina Colada’s at the Glow Room were a bit too sweet for my taste, as well….

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Don’t forget the Little Shrimp…..and they still have Ripples in Long Beach….

    • Jack B

      Barkley shoved the Little Gutties yet another game into the loser’s column 3 out of 4 years. I’ll take it anytime. As usual, you were on the losing end. Oh ya!

      He totally humiliated the Little Gutties numerous times, or is that a piece of lame Bruin history you have also forgotten?

      Congrats on your 1 win over Barkley. Too bad he smashed you around so many times. Did he hurt your Gutty Little feelings?

      • ProbationU

        And then he met Anthony Barr.

        • Jack B

          And now he’s collecting paychecks in the NFL, the league which always has a lot more Trojans (and Hall of Famers by a landslide) than Little Gutties.

          • stay down, you’re BEAT!

          • Stu Azole

            Interesting stat in the WSJ about colleges that produce the most NFL starters. Troxans nowhere to be seen, despite this great claim of yours. SC’s great for producing clipboard holders tho.

          • Cheap seats

            Go on youtube or espn’s website and search “top 10 pro football factories”

            Guess who made #1?

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Fight on!

          • ProbationU

            I am sure he will last a couple years as a 3rd stringer and then drop out of the league like Leinart. They can’t deflate the balls to fit his small hands.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Of course, you like having small balls in your small hands……

        • Cheap seats

          You meant Anthony Barr met Adurrey Walker, right?

          I could’ve made that sack — Barr was untouched.

          • ProbationU

            Barr never met Aundrey Walker. He was looking the other way the whole time! I hope he is still playing LT on 11/30.

          • Cheap seats

            He got beat out by a freshman.

            Funny story — I was at USC’s spring game and since none of the players had their uniforms on, it was tough to know who was who. I approached this BIG 6’5″ 300 lb guy and asked him for his autograph. He signed, “Auddrey Walker #70” I looked down and said to myself, “whoa?? Walker?”

            I left his area and another fan asked me, “Who’s that?” I jokingly replied, “That’s the guy who let Barkley get sacked..”

            The fan replied, “Oh…screw that!” He turned around and went elsewhere.

      • Rey Reyes……is that you??

        • Jack B

          I’m gonna be on you like a cheap suit Bucket Boy. Get used to it. Your free ride is over Little Gutty.

          • THAT:S WHAT I’M TALKN’ ‘BOUT!!!

            MY …….ER!!!

      • Stu Azole

        LOL. That’s all true, but he who laughs last laughs best. All anyone will remember from Barfly is #1 to UN and the Barr BOOM that ended his college career!

        • Tom Oday

          That’s what a sick UCLA fan will remember…a good kid getting injured on a freak play. .

  • Henry Bibby

    Who is Lane Kiffin and why do we care?

  • David Stewart

    Scott you are an imbecile. Now put your head down on the desk and take a time, and stop with these idiotic posts.

    • gotroy22

      Please rah rah, stop your crying and get a grip. Kiffin is gone. Accept it.

  • Cheap seats

    Man, this blog was doing good before you went back to your old habits.

    Either that or the person who hacked into Scott’s account was finally kicked off and Scott is back.

  • CardinalnGold

    He was also 0-15 in games where USC was behind by 1+ with 0:00 left on the clock in the 4th quarter.

  • B.Miller

    Still dwelling on LK.. He’s gone, how about we move forward?