Who Is The Wild-Card Candidate?

Based on the basketball coaching search, will Pat Haden hire a football coach that little is known about and comes out of the blue two weeks before the hire? Who would it even be? List names here.

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  • Rey Reyes

  • Kevin Brown

    Kirby Smith
    Bobby Petrino

    • Paul Hackett

      A racist and a low life, no thanks

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Gerry Faust……..just kidding……Craig Bohl from North Dakota State……..

    • Paul Hackett

      LOL, USC will be battling Colorado for last place every year with him at the helm

      • Trojan Hoarse

        You’re entitled to your opinion………

  • CardinalnGold

    Okay Wolfie, I’ll take the bait….Craig Bohl (ND State head coach). That being said, there will be no wild card hire. Haden knows where SC’s bread is buttered. He can get away with hiring a little known basketball coach but not with football. The next coach better be firmly established.

    • rusoviet

      I agree – Bohl is the wild card but come on Pete Carroll was anything but ‘firmly established’ and the glory days (1978) were far back in memory than 2009 when PC left.

      • Dennis Hogan

        Haden didn’t hire Pete, Garret did. I agree that Haden will hire a better known coach.

        • rusoviet

          I didn’t say he (Haden) did – or maybe you hit the wrong ‘reply’ button. BTW it wasn’t so much Garrett as it was Daryll Gross current AD @ Syracuse but the asst. to Garrett back in 2001 – man 12 years later!

          • Dennis Hogan

            No, I meant to respond to you. Just meant to say that there are different players and different circumstances now. You are correct that the glory days were much farther removed back then than now, which I think will lead to the hiring of a better known coach now. Question is, what defines “better known”? I personally think that Tim DeRuyter could be considered a “dark horse”. I hate to say it, but even Ed Orgeron could be considered a “dark horse”, even though he has many of the qualifications that I think we need. Only time will tell.

  • timtrojan

    How can it be anybody but Scotty? With his wealth of knowledge and leadership. Bucket can be his shower boy.

  • Henry Bibby

    Molly McGrath, Central High School.

  • Bill

    Chris Kiffin!

    • Trojan Hoarse

      This wasn’t funny when you mentioned it two days ago, and it’s even less funny now…….

  • Joe Blow

    Scott Wolf. He knows everything.

  • rusoviet

    CardinalnGold and Trojan Hoarse have it right – Craig Bohl from ND St. is the ‘dark horse’

  • Stu Azole

    If you can guess the wildcard, he’s not actually a wildcard.

  • motemp .

    Easy to forget the lessons learned in hiring Pete Carroll. Defense wins games. Defensive coach with the charisma to lead program…Herm Edwards.

  • Ben Factor

    Can’t Scott, and all of us, just be content that Haden came to a sensible decision, took action, and is beginning a thorough search?

    Must there be further Kiffin bashing, and pointless daily speculation about a process that, in all likelihood, will last at least several months?

    Must stupid analogies be made?

    Can we give the Rhodes Scholar the benefit of the doubt to maximize the chance of a good outcome?

    Surely, there must be something interesting to say about the rest of this season.