• B.Miller

    Am I the only one that does NOT see Franklin as a HC for USC? Why does Scott keep putting him in the mix?

    • jetman624

      He doesn’t look like an SC guy to me– based on this and some other stuff I have seen and read, I will take Ed O any day.

      • Trojan Fan!!!!!!!

        I like Coach Ed O, but not as head coach. Enough with the experiments. We need a proven winner. If not that, then someone that has proven to do more with less. Coach Ed O was not impressive with the team he had before. Hes forte is recruiting.

        • jetman624

          I am not convinced he is either, but I am not buying this Franklin guy either. Carrol wasn’t a proven winner when he came to SC. We’ll see if Ed O learned anything since his last stint though. We know he can get the players fired up– next Thursday we see if he can pull it all together.

  • Walt Hazzard

    he could be great…the problem is he is a risk
    (1) Jon Gruden
    (2) Kevin Sumlin
    (3) Chris Petersen
    That’s it…

    • gotroy22

      Sumlin is just using us to extract more money from Aggie alums. They’ll never let him go this close to winning a national title.

      • Walt Hazzard

        No doubt,but College Station is an armpit
        you never know

        • Stu Azole

          and the Fig Tech area is sooooo nice.

          • Walt Hazzard

            Haaa Right A hole… not as nice as west Hollywood but Manhattan Beach is quite nice this time of year

          • Walt Hazzard

            Don’t the gutty little ones have somewhere for you to go???

          • jetman624

            Uncultured swine…

    • Jethro G Sabbath


      I had the basketball card your picture is from.
      ’71-’72 Buffalo Braves, right?

      • Walt Hazzard

        Yep…..good call

  • TrojanConquest

    Did I hear him say “cover two”…..noooooooo

  • trojanhogg

    Didn’t this guy try to cover up a rape by one of his players? I don’t think I want that being attached to our HC.