An Unspoken Challenge Around USC

Even though the first week has been a smash for the USC football program, there is going to be a challenge regarding the assistant coaches. They are going to be required to coach with the knowledge they probably will not be retained after the season.

Already, I’ve heard one coach has contacted NFL teams for next season. Maybe that affects recruiting more than the actual coaching of the team. But it is something that will always be in the back of the mind of USC’s coaching staff this season.

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  • Great point wolfman, they’ve seen first hand the practical application of this “trOXan for Life” bull$h!t

    “Watch your back” is more accurate.

    • TrojanFamily

      You are trying to argue that firing Kiffin was a mistake because of what, lifetime employment. Since he was roughly as good of a coach as you are a troll, you probably should be taken off the bus at LAX and left by the side of the road.

      • all i am saying is the trOXans of all people should treat Kiff with respect!

        Bounce Pass is expertly using Kiff as a scapegoat to take attn away from the crashingly awful job Haden has done at Southern Cal.

        Kiff did a lousy job, but Haden has done an even worse job! i hate to agree with Nubs but every Major sport is worse off since Haden showed up and except for football, he doesn’t seem to even care much.

        • rusoviet

          Hey t@pette what’s your spin on coach Alford? Now go on out to Griffs – SUC is waiting for you to well….

    • Ben Factor

      Shouldn’t you be watching the candy so it doesn’t boil over?

      Scott does make some good points, but you? And you actually characterized yourself as highly intelligent. Ah, perhaps your blinding insights just go over my head. Yeah, that must be it.

      • the point i made is acually quite simple….or are you being obtuse?

        • Ben Factor

          By your point, do you mean your assertion that (1) USC is uncommonly disloyal to those who work there, or or (2) it’s clear from the performance of the “major” sports that Haden is doing a poor job. I won’t offer a response to #1, because it doesn’t rise to the level of a “point.” It’s just inflammatory silliness. Your own alma mater undermines your point (Neuheisel, Howland).

          As to your second point, here are my thoughts. He has been a good fund raiser, he was part of the politically challenging Coliseum deal (which I think will prove to be good for USC), and he has positioned USC as an integral part of NCAA policy and practices, which I think is strategically correct, even though it angers fans. We don’t know how Enfield will turn out, but I think he’s book smart, business smart, marriage smart, and showed something in basketball, too. So, how does that reflect poorly on Haden? Given that USC is historically L.A.’s “football school” (the Bruins had John Wooden, not John McKay), it’s probable that the coming HC football hire will largely define Haden’s tenure at USC. But that hasn’t happened yet. For right now, I think that Haden probably will be better off hiring a top coach toward December 2013, rather than if he had acted in January 2013. As to the other “major” sports, USC has a glorious past, but with the athletic department revenues being unable to offer lots of full scholarships, USC’s tuition imposes a competitive disadvantage, relative to UCLA, Cal, various other state schools, and Stanford, which has many times the endowment of USC. So I think Haden is wise to hire the most capable coaches he can, hope for the best, and live in the realm of the possible.

          So what is left of your second point? If you produce a substantive response to me, I will continue to engage with you on this site. Otherwise, I think I’ll surrender to the realm of the possible myself, and just pass over all the friction you create.

          Your serve, Charlie.

          • ugh, are you an atty?
            save your lengthy motions with inapplicable case law.

            the SIMPLE bare-faced fact is ALL THREE MAJOR SPORTS HAVE TANKED since Bounce Pass has been there.

            and the lack of respect Haden treated Kiff with is a disgrace, every trOXan i have talked to agreed with me on that even some Dummies on this blog agreed with it.

            if your blog function is defending Haden, its the equivalent of trying to defend the kid with chocholate all over his face from a charge of eating all the brownies!!!

  • Brian

    Since the coaches are auditioning for future employers…I fully expect that to give their absolute best.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Any chance that Wolf is “auditioning” for HIS future employer?…..naaaaahhh…. no such luck….

  • Henry Bibby

    “Already, I’ve heard one coach has contacted NFL teams for next season.”

    Wolfie, I read that on twitter too. It was Pendergast and he was actually spotted in the Denver airport at the exact same time as Jack Del Rio was spotted at LAX. Maybe they are trading places?

    • Cheap seats

      I’m replying to you because you’re one of the few to write up some good posts on FOOTBALL / non-drama matters.

      Isn’t it almost ironic there are parallels whenever a so-called X’s and O’s coach is fired?

      At least for the one’s I can remember, they’re usually replaced by “players coach” who’s better at speaking with the media and his players.

      Just some off the top of my head:

      Hackett –> Carroll
      Kiffin (Oakland) –> Tom Cable
      Mike Shanahan (LA Raiders) –> Art Shell

      and now… Kiffin –> Coach O

      To me personally, it feels so much like the last time Kiffin was fired. Tom Cable exceeded expectations and eventually was fired.

      Art Shell got his team to the AFC championship, but never got his star studded team a ring.

      Hopefully coach O’s stint as the overweight successor does better!

      • Ben Factor

        A person who coaches for a long time in the NFL knows X’s and O’s. Carroll understood that he was coaching kids, not seasoned pros, and he kept it playful and emotional. I can’t say I know for sure, but I doubt he is the same guy in Seattle.

        • Cheap seats

          No doubt Carroll knows his Xs and Os.

          I also forgot about when. Jon Gruden was traded only to be replaced by Bill Callahan.

          What does Shell, Callahan, Cable, and Orergon have in common? They were all on staff and they all were coaching one of the lines.

    • Ben Factor

      I think Scott raises a good point. How will job insecurity affect the current staff, and the rest of the year? He hasn’t written many good ideas lately, and it makes me appreciate him again. 🙂

      • Henry Bibby

        You can look at that two ways. Wolfie thinks they will steal money from USC, while looking for another job. That’s what Scottie would do. Or, the coaches can honor their contract to the fullest, coach out the season like they are undefeated, and wait for what comes after the season. Ed O and every assistant coach were covering Southern California HS Football last Friday night. They were at every game that has any recruits. Ed O wants to get back to Pete Carroll’s philosophy of owning your backyard. You can’t read about that here though. It’s a negative cry baby blog of information.

  • trojandude207

    Any time there is coaching change there is change, but any coach can expected to be replaced at any time if they don’t do their job, so I guess this isn’t really news yet.

    • Ben Factor

      I don’t think you really answered Scott’s point. When a new head coach is hired, the current assistants often lose their jobs regardless of the quality of their work.

      The question is: how will that affect this year and what’s the best strategy to minimize negative impact?

      • Cheap seats

        Yup, and if anyone is retained, it’s usually for legacy reasons.

        Was ANY of Neuheisel’s staff retained when Mora arrived?

  • TrojanFamily

    Oh please. Any top coach USC brings in will want his own staff. If a USC coach isn’t getting his resume ready and calling his contacts, then he is a fool.

    • Ben Factor

      Clarity of thought is so refreshing. 🙂

  • B.Miller

    Hope the new coach brings back CP And CEO!