J.K. McKay On Next USC Coach

USC senior associate athletic director J.K. McKay was asked on the USC radio show last night about the next Trojans coach:
“My dad was barely a USC guy. Pete Carroll wasn’t a USC guy, but I think if you take somebody from the outside, they have to come in and embrace what USC is. It’s a unique place. We care very much about it, maybe more than we should, but we care very much about it.”

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  • john wolcott

    It is only football, it is not the university.

    Bring in a man who can win, even if from the moon, because that is the only requirement to being a “Trojan,” a “bruin,” or a member of the “fighting Irish.”

    • Hey SUC’s

      Vic the Brick has been to the moon, just ask him. He’s the HC SUC football needs to hire.

  • Stu Azole

    He cares about the place… which makes the Lane hiring that much more insane.



  • steveg

    I believe these guys will bring in the right HC. With alumni running the show they know the type of guy needed. Franklin.

  • Hey SUC’s

    Vic the Brick is a Cornell graduate. He said he will hyper embrace SUC’s self-congratulatory, half-baked tradition.

    • rusoviet

      Hmm I sensing there is a major player looking for some luvin’……sniffing sniffing…yeah baby put on those chaps ‘san’s the rest and strut over to that fun house ‘Griffs’ on Melrose – you’l be the cowboy tonight … bring it sugah! Yeah girlfriend time to strut yo’ stuff come on now strew your mess

      • Hey SUC’s

        You certainly know the routine, don’t you comrade.

        • rusoviet

          Oh now you’ve entered the ‘mondo bondo land’ – this is the ‘realm’ where westside limousine liberals and bel-airians frolic to like that ‘perv’ in his ‘Cat In The Hat’ getup (baby blue and yellow – tam o’shanter as well as those two fruitopians jumping on each other in that ‘video’ to get fans out to the Rose Bowl when Dorrell was there – I’m betting you loved that – keep sniffin’ perv

          • Hey SUC’s

            Comrade, I’ll bet you’re in show business. Like maybe a costumed gummy bear wantabe on Hollywood Blvd. “Everybody’s dreamer, everybody’s star……..on Hollywood Blvd.” What’s a good days gross for a GB, $15.00 – 20.00 bucks. Don’t quit your night job comrade.

  • rusoviet

    Best coach UCLA ever had was Prothro (regardless of Sanders) and he, Prothro came from OR St. Harbaugh turned a Stanford program around even though he passed on the MI job.

    Yeah a new face that has no lineage is the best bet – that kid from ND St.

    • Tom Oday

      Prothro was a AC for Red Sanders at Vanderbilt and UCLA. Five years (1949-54) at UCLA. He was a great coach but Sanders was the best ever Bruin coach IMO.

      • rusoviet

        Thanks for the clarification Tom – mea culpa

        • ThaiMex

          That’s o.k. rustupid. It isn’t the first time you’ve been wrong…..and it won’t be the last.
          fit UN!

          • Tom Oday

            No he wasn’t wrong Honey Bucket we just have different opinions. Prothro did leave OSU for UCLA.

  • Arturo

    Born and raised in North Hollywood…USC is a special place and a special school…The ONLY football school in LA. Don’t kid yourself.

    • ThaiMex

      Artie…you’re sort of right…It’s the only school in L.A. in LAST PLACE!
      fit UN SAPO!

    • gotroy22

      We all know it’s a special place so we went there. Why did you go to CSUN?

  • JacksonPearson

    Schools that were mediocre are doing better with the spread offence. So hiring the right coach, coupled with USC’s incredible talent will turn the program around.

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    Charlie Bucket definitely cares more about USC than he should.

  • Bill

    In other words, the new coach has to cheat and break the rules as long as winning trumps the sanctions! Cheat On!

    • rusoviet

      Hey SUC here’s that guy you met on E-9ay – hold em’ bra’

      • Hey SUC’s

        Comrade the kiddies want to see a gummy bear. You’re on comrade.

    • Joe Blow

      He can take the crash course in the bible of all cheaters: Papa Sam, Uncle Woodie and his ‘ho Nellie Belle Go Recruiting. It’s in all bookstores now c

  • marvgoux1

    Since John McKay and John Robinson were Oregon alums that means we have to hire Chip Kelly.

  • Joe Blow

    Who oke up Job Hopper?

  • betomas

    What does Joke McKay do again anyway?? He was supposed to keep the coaching staff and team in check yet all of the shenanigans, BS, and embarrassments went on unchecked under his watch. Time to retire, ol’ man. Go play some pocket pool.