Live chat with Scott Wolf: What’s next for USC program?

At 11:30 a.m., Friday, Scott Wolf will answer questions about coaching possibilities and the Lane Kiffin firing. What do you want to know?

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    UGH!…. prepare for the worst, and hope for the best… quote Bucket (Errrrr… Clubber Lang), I predict Paaaaaaiiinnnn!!!!!

  • Henry Bibby

    Get off your high horse. You are a low level beat writer that knows zero about searching for the next USC football head coach. I have a feeling this discussion is going to involve Scott Wolfie and the 7 troll dwarfs.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      With Petros feeding him “answers” to the questions……

      • Henry Bibby

        Nice “source”.

    • Goatboy Kiffin

      Wolf likes his brother coaches … Franklin and Shaw Franklin and Shaw. Shaw and Franklin puke. Shaw looks like he is as clueless as Kiffin on the sidelines. Well known his assistants ( all NFL guys ) do the work. Franklin hasn’t beaten anyone of note … really the coach from V’andy. Sure.

      • CardinalnGold

        You’re coming across racist & ignorant. I can’t speck for Franklin because I haven’t seen to many Vandy games but Shaw is a great coach! He recruits well and his team always plays a physical & disciplined brand of football. His team improves as the season goes on too. He’s got Stanford looking like Bama West right now.

    • gotroy22

      Yet here you are posting on every blog entry. What does that say about you, rah rah?

    • David Stewart

      Henry…you Helen and Trojan Hoarse are fantastic. Keep it up

      • Henry Bibby

        Thanks David. It’s not difficult when you know reality from fantasy land. Too many USC fans became fans during the Pete Carroll era. They think everything should look just like that era, since that’s all they know. When you have been a fan for 30 years, you have perspective on the facts. I try to state some of that here.

  • a LIVE chat with the wolfman????

    somebody PUNCH ME! i mean PINCH ME, i must be DREAMING!!!!

  • timtrojan

    I want to know if Scotty ever has named a source or actually interviewed anybody besides his late night talks with Bucket or does he just rely on the internet for all his info?

    • then ASK THE QUESTION!!

      or are you afraid to face the Claw of the Wolf???

      • timtrojan

        I’m sure you’ve faced those claws many times but let leave your personnel life out of this.

        • Cheap seats


  • B.Miller

    Am I the only one that does NOT see Franklin as a HC for USC? Why does scott keep putting him in the mix?

  • David Stewart

    Live chat about football with this neophyte? Are you joking? I would rather go see a proctologist to have a tooth extracted.