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It’s become a lovefest at USC with Ed Orgeron making sure the players are happy and a “new beginning” since the firing of Lane Kiffin. Story link here

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  • so amusing. as you all know i accurately predicted the Dummies would turn on Kiff after one loss and melt down after only two losses……DESPITE the fact anyone who knows football could see this was going to be .500 team at best, maybe worse!!

    so the Agin’ Cajun gets TWO losses before he starts being called a backwards bayou dumbbell who is not good enough to even baby sit this moribund program!!


      It wasnt 1 loss that turned the fans on Kiffin. It was going 7-6 and the abysmal bowl vs Georgia Tech last season that began the turn of the fans. Then losing to WSU made it apparent that nothing had improved. Sure, you can say you predicted it at the beginning of this season and try to seem smart, but the fact is that things were in motion long before this season started.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Agreed……his dismissal was a cummulative effect, not a result of a single event or even two…..Bucket seems to get tremendous satisfaction at being a closet Nostradamus…….WHO CARES?……move on……something that Schmucket and Wolfie simply refuse to do……..

        • Hey SUC’s

          Define Nostradamus.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Define Stupid…….look in the mirror

      • Hey SUC’s

        Wasn’t the 62 – 41 loss to AZ State – the straw that broke Kiffy Goat’s back – the reason Kiffy ultimately took it in the shorts. Eddie the O has just inherited the Goat’s same crummy SUC team. Too bad for him. Organ on fans.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Would you have a greater admiration if USC fans continued to support Kiffin no matter what happened?
      When you continue to defend the leader after he suffers an unfathomable 50-0 beat-down in the rivalry game as happened in Westwood it may show great loyalty but it won’t help your football program.

      He had to go.

      • Jezro, Jezro, you disappoint me. you disappoint me greatly.

        is it possible to miss the point by a wider margin??

        you actually raise the perfect example: yes NewHassle had to go also….but he was treated with respect and will ALWAYS be a Bruin!! he could go down Bruin walk today and they would carry him around campus if he wanted.

        Southern CAL = No Class, No Loyalty.

        and they go around saying “trOXan for Life!!” it’s like Fox news saying “fair and balanced”!!

        • Jethro G Sabbath


          It’s big boy football. Produce results or it’s time for you to go.
          That warm and fuzzy atmosphere you cherish and the powder blue uniforms are a couple of reasons for your sorry football legacy.
          Whatever makes you happy though…

  • Fred Sampson

    Apparently Coach Ed Orgeron knows the correct ingredients to produce that winning attitude, and realizes that it’s not about being a control FREAK. Some Coaches can just relate to Players better then others. The know it all type attitudes that Paul Hackett and Lane Kiffin had will get you Fired !!!

  • Walt Hazzard

    true that fight on….chas must be off his meds
    delusions of grandeur back from his days of playing catch at recess

  • ProbationU

    I am so glad to see everyone in Trojan-land happy. It’s hard to figure out if the joy is from Kiffin being gone or having a few less negative posts about the program from Wolfie. Even so, I was starting to get depressed and I am a Bruin.

    I never knew that a few cookies for the OL would make them so happy. Now we will see if it helps them block better come Arizona.

  • B.Miller

    Lets just hope it translates onto the field!

  • Bill

    Yes, he has soooooo much experience producing a winning attitude as a head coach….