USC Morning Buzz

Is David Sills, aka the Baby Quarterback, still going to attend USC without Lane Kiffin? Sills was offered by Clemson this week. But the question is whether USC still feels obligated to take him. He was outperformed by Josh Rosen and Ricky Town at USC’s summer camp. Town then committed to Alabama as USC dragged its feet offering him and Rosen.
But does USC now have a better chance at Rosen with a new coach, which would make Sills expendable? It’s something the new coach will decide. And probably soon after getting hired.

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  • timmay

    Is Scott getting all ethnic and trying to promote an athletic Jewish kid for QB that he can imagine he would be? Because he has really been pushing HAAAARD for Rosen and going after the staff because they apparently don’t agree and they have commits and players set for then. In doing so he has been trashing Sills at every possible moment though no one agrees with Scott elsewhere. I’m trying to understand the obsession.

    • betomas

      Sills is not that great overall. R. Town and Rosen have proven themselves to be better options.

      • TrojanFan

        Inside info?….hahaha!!!

    • gotroy22

      Ummm the head coach that offered the Baby QB is gone and his staff will scatter to the four winds after the end of this miserable season. Maybe you should check Rivals for the ranking of QB recruits to understand why Rosen and Town would be better recruits.

  • wolfman, if Southern Cal tries to withdraw its schollie to the Baby QB, that would be unfair, unethical and just plain wrong!! and i’m not talking about unfair to Sills, i’m talking about unfair to the CADRE!!

    we have been promised a Baby QB for years! we even have events planned for when he gets to campus!!! for example, we have Baby Invasion Day where the Cadre will parade around the Southen Cal campus dressed in only adult diapers and oversized baby bonnets, baby bottles and giant lollipops!!

    and we alreasy bought all this stuff!! (well Yoda is over 900 yrs old, so he could use the diapers, but thats not the point)

    wofman, use all of your powers to make this happen we WANT the Baby QB, we NEED the Baby QB! think of it, baby crying sounds after every three and out! don’t let this happen, wolfman!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      You’ll find something else about which to troll.

    • Golden Trojan

      I thought autonepiophilia was the number one criteria for the cadre! How is baby invasion day any different than any other cadre get together!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Have you considered getting a life?

      • I left out the Grand Finale, where we all throw our soiled diapers at Tommy Trojan…i’d stay clear of campus that day, to be honest.

        • TrojanFan

          Just plug the nose when you troll the showers!

          Plus, it can’t be any worse than the pile of soiled Depends down in your mom’s basement

    • Cheap seats

      Who is this “cadre” you speak of?

      • TrojanFan

        A bunch of gay men that gather for weekly butt-dart tournaments. Waste bucket enjoys being the target.

    • TrojanFan

      What the fuc are you talking about? You already wear Depends.

      Get the cranium checked out, Dementia is some nasty stuff

  • Arturo

    I’m hoping the DN gets a new beat writer for SC. One that doesn’t insult 9th or 10th grade recruits.