Ed Orgeron Abolishes Yellow Quarterback Jerseys

Quarterbacks traditionally wear yellow jerseys in practice so they will not get hit in drills. But USC coach Ed Orgeron had the quarterbacks wear cardinal jerseys today like the rest of the offense.

“Yellow jerseys are out,” Orgeron said. “We’re one team. Everyone wears the same color.”

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    I agree! If they practice like they are going to get hit and move around in the pocket, they’ll do it in the real game! Makes sense to me.

  • Arturo

    If it helps with the cohesiveness of the team while at the same time creating a higher level of competition, great. Makes you wonder how much or if Coach O and the other coaches were holding back ideas under LK.

  • Ted

    Just because they are not wearing yellow that they are going to get during practice…they are still off limits to getting hit.

  • ThaiMex

    Given the Q.B. performance dating back to the last three games of last season (3-5)……LOSING ONE (or both) of the two “TOP” guys wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing! Lookie what happened when Silas (Coach I’m Hurt) Redd went down (again). Maybe that’s what “Foghorn Leghorn” had in mind when he eliminated the Yellow Jersey thing.
    fit un Torgans!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Four in the morning. NICE!!!!!

      • ThaiMex

        Jedro…We are not “The
        Anaheim, Azusa & Cucamonga sewing circle, book review and timing
        association” (got it?)…We are THE CADRE and we are
        GLOBAL baby!!!!!! We are everywhere all day and all night long…24/7.
        We have more offices around the world than 7-11 has stores! (FYI….my
        good friend CHUCKER..is NOT Heather Locklear!)
        fit UN TORGANS!

        • Thai, you are on FIRE today!!

          (Thai, estas en FUEGO, hoy!!)

          whether it’s morning afternoon or evening, you put the SMACdown on these Dummies!!! remember, these trOXans are very provincial people, they don’t travel much (afraid of foreigners) so they all stay in the PST, yo. they can’t comprehend that there are other time zones or that people live in them!!!

          why do you think we call ’em Dummies???

  • Violet

    Changing some things are good. There are other ideas that are better left unchanged. In manufacturing, the saw and drill press operators (that are not robotic) can do their job faster if the safety guards were removed from their equipment. The inexperienced workers want the safety guards removed, while the experiences workers would not work without them.

  • B.Miller

    Just want to see the production on the field.. Dont care about color jersey’s if we continue to lose!