• Cheap seats

    Scott’s answer to me during Q&A a couple days ago:

    Me: “Do plan on blogging more about recruiting and upcoming opponents? Or do the Lane Kiffin blogs seem to attract more readers?”

    by Cheap Seats October 4 at 11:43 AM

    Wolf: “I suspect there will be less blogging on lane kiffin now that he is no longer at USC”

  • Arturo

    Makes you wonder if Scott is stalking LK.

  • David Stewart

    Scott go get in your Jammie’s and crawl into bed. Your Mommy will be in later to tuck you in. You are so juvenile it hurts.

  • i’d like to see these clever Taiwanese Animators do a re-creation of when T-Fail was gang-violated by the Crips under the Peristyles!! akwardly, he asked for their phone number when they finally released him, according to sources…

  • Marv Elapes

    Kiffin continues to dominate wolf’s blog, and most likely, his dreams and fantasies as well.

  • Trojan Fan

    I want to see animated version of the Anthony Barr hit on Matt Barkley. Wait for the flavor to change, Matt!