• TrojanConquest

    Because Chow has done so well after leaving SC?

  • rusoviet

    It would be amusing if he did return – uhh weren’t Norm and Ed a bit at each other before that Orange Bowl game back in 2004?

  • wolfman, you know the Cadre loves you like a BROTHER, but man, you can be one RUTHLESS VATO!!!
    (we like that)

  • Golden Trojan

    Hey they put up 27 points just no talent on defense. Anybody thinks Chow can’t coach offense is an idiot. Kiffin and many others proved not everybody is cut out to be HC

  • Walt Hazzard

    zzzzzzzzz crickets zzzzzzzzzzz
    c’mon wolf


    This just shows how much of an idiot you continue to be. Kiffin is gone, so now your putting just stupid senseless questions on this site. You’re just a waste of journalism!

  • Jack B

    One of the stupidest ideas ever posed by Wolf. Let it go.

    Chow would be lucky to get picked up by any teams for any position once HI fires him. He’s been a complete and utter failure as both an assistant and HC ever since he left USC where he was blessed with so much natural talent, he was successful at everything except getting along with Carroll.

  • David Stewart

    God you are an impotent tool!

  • B.Miller

    Well does anyone else think this was a stupid post besides me?