The Top 25

Here is this week’s ballot for the Associated Press poll:

1. Alabama

2. Louisville

3. Oregon

4. Stanford

5. Clemson

6. Georgia

7. Florida State

8. Ohio State

9. LSU

10. South Carolina

11. Texas A&M

12. UCLA

13. Oklahoma

14. Baylor

15. Miami

16. Michigan

17. Florida

18. Texas Tech

19. Northwestern

20. Washington

21. Fresno State

22. Auburn

23. Notre Dame

24. Oklahoma State

25. Northern Illinois


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  • TrojanFan

    Louisville over Oregon. …..pathetic! !!!!

  • ProbationU

    Louisville? Are you kidding? And a 1 loss Georgia ahead of Florida Sate after that win against Maryland? And Baylor is still too low. I am a UCLA fan…but they waxed us in the Holiday Bowl and are waxing everyone. They will probably win the Big 12 when all is said and done. Do you watch any games?


      This guy gets it.

  • Chris Withrow

    You still doing crack? Louisville? Oregon? OSU? FSU? Have you watched any of these teams play? They’re all ranked incorrectly.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Wolf based his “ranking” of Louisville mainly on their strength of schedule, or lack thereof ……he always wants to the guy who “goes out on a limb”….. “ooooo….look how edgey I am”……He is a contrarian who simply does this so he can say “I told you so”, when the two undefeated teams (not necessarily the BEST teams) play for the “championship”….and Louisville has the best shot of going undefeated only because of their weak schedule…..If every team in the Top 10 were to have a single loss, Scottie would NEVER rank Louisville this high……