USC Opens As Six-Point Favorite Over Arizona

That is the early line for Thursday’s game against the Wildcats. Wonder if line would be different if Lane Kiffin were still coaching?

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  • Hey SUC’s

    I wonder how many SUC fans will buy this pt. spread? I didn’t know exchanging a half-empty to a half-full attitude was worth six pts. Deluded SUC fans should jump on this opening spread.


      Kind of like how the fucla bRuins jump on this blog begging for acceptance?

      • Hey SUC’s

        Statistically you will, sooner or later, post a slightly relevant opinion. Just don’t give up like SUC’s football team.

        • TrojanFamily

          Likewise. Kettle, this is pot. Let’s talk about your relative darkness.


          oh, relevant like the last post where you said “you probably drive a big truck and like big guns”! Now that was a relevant post. Face it, even though fucla is nationally ranked with what might be their best team in decades, they are still irrelevant while USC, in a down year is in all of the headlines and still the talk of the town.

          • ProbationU

            The talk of the town like a train wreck is the talk of the town. There are multiple reasons people talk about things. The reason people are talking SC now are not the ones you want.

            That being said, you should cover the spread this week. Tough game to predict, but Arizona has a bigger QB problem than SC. He can’t throw a lick and SC’s D should be able to stop the run. Plus, AZ not a good road team. Bruins spanked them 66-10 last year. I think Ed O will have your boys ready and then Scott will have get to post how much better SC is without Kiffin.

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            Headlines about USC firing Kiffin is a good thing. Everyone’s talking about what great coach USC is going to bring in. Doesnt sound bad to me.

  • Golden Trojan

    Only quality team they’ve played was Wash. and they got pounded. Hard to know how good they’ll be, how the Trojans respond to the new attitude/prep from the staff and a Thursday nite game in LA. It will be interesting.

  • steveg

    Wolf, the guy is gone, history. Lets see how well you can focus on football for a change. Spread doesn’t mean much this week, it’s a new day with new attitudes.

  • john wolcott

    Remember that first year quarterbacks in the Pac-12 traditionally have a tough go. But this will be an emotional game for the Trojans, so let’s see how far that can take them.

  • Marv Elapes

    Hey Wolf, you can let go of your man crush for Lane Kiffin already. He’s gone. Let it be already.


    You guys should this moron is a Trojan hater, and worth the card stock his journalism diploma is printed on! That’s if he is a journalism grad.