Clay Helton Says His Play Sheet Will Be Smaller Than Lane Kiffin’s

Offensive coordinator Clay Helton said he will probably have less situations on his play sheet than Lane Kiffin did, which will mean a reduction in size.
“I don’t think my sheet will be as big,” Helton said.

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  • Mitch & Murray

    This is news?

    Come on wolf…do your job, scoop the coaching search. This is junk reporting.

    • gotroy22

      Do you remember how Pete and Norm simplified things for Carson Palmer and he blossomed into a Heisman Trophy winner and led us the a shared NC? Apparently not.

      • CardinalnGold

        SC had an 11-2 record & nice Orange Bowl victory with Palmer, but no shared NC (they ended up #4 that year). They got the split NC a year later with Leinart. Your point is still valid though.

      • TrojanFamily

        I’d think a rah rah like you would know the years USC won a title

        • ThaiMex

          This is good stuff…..One RAH RAH calling another RAH RAH a RAH RAH! Kind of brings to mind just how silly it is to hear one Afro American calling another the “N” word…..No need to apologize since both are RAH RAH’s or… members of the “N” word community. Kind of like Nubsie calling T-Fail a QUEER!
          fit UN….(you guys are hilarious!)

  • ProbationU

    I just saw David Shaw with his play sheet on TV against Washington. Stanford seems to be doing pretty well with the coach, his play sheet and him calling plays. Maybe the issue wasn’t really the play sheet. Kiffin might have just had some other issues.


      I believe Shaw only calls the 3rd down plays.

      • ProbationU

        Not sure about that…but 3rd down is the most important down…just making the point that Kiffin’s issues run deeper than the size of his play sheet. Size of his ego and lack of leadership may be more important.


          yes, its obvious his issues are more than playcalling. I’m just pointing out that saturday night they were discussing how shaw calls the 3rd down plays.

          • ProbationU

            Gotcha…as a Bruin…I wish you had kept Kiffin. He always reminded me of Steve Lavin without the personality. Both totally unqualified for the job they were hired to do.

    • Cheap seats

      Yes.. I’ve been saying this since last year.

      Playcalling is only a SYMPTOM. If you saw the way USC practiced combined with not naming a starter until week 3 of the season, you had the perfect recipe for disaster.

      Contrast that with your boys: Mora named a starter only a few weeks into SUMMER camp last year.

      Even with the grumbling upon the Bruin faithful in regards to too many swing passes called by Mazzone, the fundamentals were taken care of (offensive line, chemistry with receivers, etc)

  • Henry Bibby

    Hey, another Lane Kiffin post.

    • Cheap seats

      Not only that, I don’t think Scott has fired off even a single question in the press conferences since coach O took over.

    • Hey SUC’s

      Confidentially Hank, I don’t think SUC can rally a win. Cody K. has said the team is tentative and afraid to make mistakes because they don’t want to incite an Ed the Ogre screaming fit. AZ 38 – The Ogre 17.

  • Golden Trojan

    We’ll see on Thursday if Helton can do better than Kiffin. Simplifying always seems to work for college. Complicated may work in the NFL but not college.

  • Stu Azole

    Wolfie on FIRE. Query if any trogans learned the difference between less & fewer while in school?

    • Cheap seats

      What’s the difference between trolling and having a life?

      • Stu Azole

        understanding that it takes just minutes a day to post here?

        • Charlie Bucket

          HAWR-HAWR!!! 10 pts for the Stu-Meister!!!!

          makes you wonder how long it takes these Dummies to conjure up their masterpieces??? 45 mins??

          at the Cadre, we think fast, act fast and type fast. and if we are curt, we apologize… no one!!!

        • Hey SUC’s

          Right on the money.

    • Arturo

      shortsighted, short practice field, short_______

  • B.Miller

    Do you know how to make half time adjustments?

    • Golden Trojan

      Amen brother!

  • rusoviet

    Ya’ know Kiffin’s sheet kind of looked like those math or chemistry study guides – with the latter it does matter to know what’s on it but man if Kiffin’s was printed on both sides good luck remembering a screen pass!

  • Bill

    But Kittin only called 5 plays off his sheet though!

    • Cheap seats

      I thought it was 3?

      1. Run up middle (no fullback)
      2. Bubble screen
      3. Deep pass to Lee

      But….”we’re going to get the TE more involved..”

      • steveg

        We can’t get the tight end more involved due to scholarship restrictions.

  • steveg

    I sure hope Helton stays in the press box with his menu. Don’t ever want to see that again on USC sideline.

  • Paul Hackett

    Was Kiffin compensating for something?

  • trojandude207

    I think coach Helton was joking (at least I hope he was) I always thought Kiffin had dyslexia (with apologies to people who do) Because when he looked at his play card he always looked confused. I am with the wait and see crowd. Wishing things get better is for trolls. Knowing things can’t get much worse is the way to go.