Quick Thought

I’m just glad it wasn’t an imposter that fired Lane Kiffin last week.

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  • Marv Elapes

    Wolf continues to feed his Kiffin man crush. It’s obvious that you haven’t come to grips with the reality that Kiffin is gone. We all know you can’t quit on Kiffin Wolf.

    • RDiablo

      He’s not the only one who needs to kick a dead horse as therapy.

      Keep it up Scott – some of us are still fascinated by the abomination that was “Lance”.

      • Marv Elapes

        You must be a wolf alter ego sent to validate the OCD behavior.

        • RDiablo

          Haha! I swear I’m not.

          I’ve just been mesmerized since Lance was first handed the reins as co-OC. #’s were up, but offense looked terrible that year (vs Oregon, vs Notre Dame in Bush Push game, then a couple of idiotic calls vs Texas). And he’s continued to get jobs.

          Guy failed upwards worse than Jeff Zucker did heading up NBC.


    You’re quick thoughts are quite insightful.

  • Paul Hackett

    Your post seems a little too witty Scott, if that is your real name.

  • Jj Griffiths

    i’ll admit it, i kinda chuckled…a little.

  • rusoviet

    So are all of us – let the rabble that loath Troy cower as they scurry to the sewer man hole that is their abode. Let them float in their newborn skill until they meet us. What else have they? Some Yogi Bear caricature or some midget running around with a chinstrap beard attired as the bigoted Anglo-Americans depicted the Irish in the 19th century?

    Stand as those who rose in revolt against the treacherous Greeks after the fall of fair Illium.. Stand warriors of Troy as you embarked westward to the Tiber and there to found a new city and an new empire. Stand Trojans for you are the precursors of Rome!


    • Hey SUC’s

      Natasha the Rooskie, subtle autodidactic, needs attention.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    Kiff will haunt Wolf’s wet dreams like Liberace does C-Buck’s!

  • Arturo

    Speaking of imposters, who is the real SW? CB? SUC? PU?

    • gotroy22

      And shouldn’t you be posting on the CSUN site?

      • Arturo

        Why don’t you get off my jock? i grew up watching SC football. I don’t come on this blog and talk trash about SC. What the heck is your problem?

  • Helen

    Scottie: your “quick thoughts” are an oxymoron.

  • Helen

    A confirmed Tweet from Dungy “@USC_Athletics I was not contacted by an official USC rep. Turns out it was someone acting on their own. I have apologized to Pat Haden.”

    • Paul Hackett

      Any chance this person’s name was Ronaiah Tuiasosopo?

      • TrojanFamily

        Dungy should have recognized the fake handle when the person writing him called himself “the Boozy Elf” and quoted Rocky III. And then he tweeted a picture of Scott Wolf in a speedo with the caption “Scott covers USC like speedo covers the Wolfman!”

        • ThaiMex

          That’s the first funny, and amusing post you’ve EVER made. Ya think you could maybe spend a little time w/T-Fail and coach him up a little?
          fit UN!

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            How are things in Monte Carlo?

          • Walt Hazzard

            Oh Jed he wasn’t in Monte Carlo at all…
            he was busy on a “recruiting trip” on the streets of west Hollywood till the wee hours of the morn… you see Thai bucket is a true west Hollywood “athelete” and really gets after it!where else would they find their beloved tea bags?? TROLL ON!!!

          • yeah, agree, that was a good one.

  • Independent_George

    Considering that an actual USC representative contacted and hired Kiffin, maybe they should farm out the process to imposters.

  • B.Miller

    Regardless.. It was done.. so stop dwelling on Lane Kiffin..
    Do you know how creepy you are about Lame Kiffin?