Arizona Targets Cody Kessler

Arizona nose tackle Tevin Hood criticized USC QB Cody Kessler on Monday, saying he had trouble seeing over the offensive line and makes “bonehead throws.”

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  • Sportsblab Jones

    Bad move, Arizona! Now Kessler is going to try extra hard *not to make* bonehead throws!

  • Brian

    Tevin Hood? What has he ever done?

    • gotroy22

      Nothing unless he was on their team last year when they beat us. Still what a dumb thing to say when they have a lousy QB and are underdogs.

  • Paul Hackett

    What an appropriate name Tevin HOOD

  • Kessler’s short and has thrown numerous Pick Sixes this season!! so what’s the problem with stating the facts???

    here are some more facts, Bounce Pass Hadden is joke and the Southern Cal campus smells like urine!!

    anyone want to dispute that too??

  • CardinalnGold

    Wittek can see over the O-Line and still makes bonehead throws. I’m hoping that we’ll see a more confident and decisive Kessler on Thursday.

  • Stu Azole

    I love the responses here. I recall SUCsters bashing the Wazzu QB for comments of this nature, only to watch that same QB down the once-mighty Trogans at home.

    • trash talking’s fine so long as you can back it up!!! Wazzu backed it up, now lets see if the Hood will REPRESENT!!!

      the Bruins are ALREADY talking about the smackdown they are bringing to the gates of Troy!!!

    • sureshot32

      Yeah, that WSU QB played awesome too. Remember that pick 6 he had? And that other pick to set up the game winning field goal? That Wazzu QB just dominated the game with his play. /sarcasm

      • Stu Azole

        did they win or lose?

      • gotroy22

        The WSU interception set up the WSU game winning field goal? Step away from the tequila…slowly.

    • Jack B

      The “once mighty” Trojans are actually “several times” mighty. Numerous national championships and we own the Rose Bowl game, as everyone already knows. FACT.

      Whereas the Little Gutties have never been mighty, never win the Rose Bowl game – or even get there for that matter. USC is by far and away the biggest, most successful, program in the west. FACT.

      Pretty soon both STAN and ORE will eat your lunch. I’ll be loving your response then. HAR, HAR, HAWWRRR!

      • Stu Azole

        once might – for you dopey SC grads – means in the past. SC’s success is in the past, and getting further away every day. As of now, UCLA’s 4-0, has a coach everybody loves, is recruiting like crazy and can beat the snot out of SC. SC, well, SC has a temp HC, lost to Wazzu (haha), and now has random people pretending to call coaches on its behalf. You do the math.

        • Golden Trojan

          Over the 100+ years USC has been mighty and has been down. Currently we are down but will be mighty again. And UCLA will still not have won a Rose Bowl or any other bowl.

        • Jack B

          Problem is, We’ll always be the big bad Trojans and you’ll always be the Little Gutties. Fact.

          Good luck against CAL. See if you can stop them from beating you like last year. That’s right. Even CAL beat you the last time you played! They killed you 43-17. How could any team be that bad to get killed by CAL? It had to be the Little Gutties!

        • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

          Got CLAP bRuin? Screaming fire in our theater just smacks of attention needing. Don’t you have a boyfriend to give you hugs? You must be so proud of our 4 wins at present. I realize that you haven’t had much to crow about in the last 10 years but no matter, 4 wins is like 4 rose bowl wins, 4 Heismans and 4 natty’s right? Now get back to making my coffee.

  • Cloud Shaman

    At least he can pass. What can Denker do? He will be raw meat for the front seven

  • TrojanFamily

    The only thing more pathetic than a player trash talking the opposing QB before the game are frothy-mouthed trolls jumping all over it as though it is news.

  • Helen

    Who does Tevin Hood think he is? Only Scott Wolf can indiscriminately criticize the USC program and embarrass himself. The nerve.

  • Joe Blow

    Can’t take the ‘hood out of Hood. Another typical thug a ua.