Last Word On ImposterGate

Whoever claimed to be a representative for USC should apologize for making anyone think Jack Del Rio is one of the first people to be contacted. I’ve alluded to this before but I think he is the least-attractive option among the announced candidates.
He does not have college coaching experience and if he did not play at USC, what would his qualifications be? This is where I often hear people say, “Well, Pete Carroll was an NFL coach too.”
Pete Carroll did have college coaching experience. More important, if you put a recruit in a room with Jack Del Rio and Pete Carroll, he would never confuse the two for each other.

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  • wolfman, as usual you are the only trOXan who can be objective and think clearly.

    the Dummies were clammoring for Jzck Del Taco from day one!!! only you got the fact this was a joke to begin with!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      Since you are the only one clamoring for Jack del Rio (it’s only one m by the way), and you observe that “Dummies” were clamoring for him, does that by inference make you a dummy? Indeed perhaps, the only dummy on this site?

      • Hey SUC’s

        “Indeed perhaps”? Ok, Commandant Depp, how about this: SUC Football – indeed, perhaps. You need Sgt. Schulz to edit your posts.

  • rusoviet

    I agree Scott – DelRio was drafted in 1985 but didn’t graduate – in fact he didn’t get a BA until 1990 from KS.

    Cowherd is intent on getting the name(s) of the impersonators who contacted both Del Rio and Dungy. he had a ‘grad assistant’ using a pseudonym of ‘John’ on this a.m. who told him he (John) was out of the Big 12.

    I was pleased to read AD’s Haden stating the university is going to take action against the perpetrators.

    • BruinAZ

      Cowherd getting the names for SC? SC made the calls and don’t like to have rejection all over the radio/TV/internet so they make up this story – sad. SC saying they will find the names and prosecute is like OJ saying he will search for the real killer!!

      • Walt Hazzard

        Bruin Azz TrollI think you maybe on the wrong site..but if you insist on posting please have your facts correct Tony Dungy has already apologized to Haden reported by Dan Patrick and other sources…I know you gutty little ones
        hate when facts get in the way and oh yea OJ never gets tired either you are clever lil’ gutty!
        looking forward to more ignorant posts from you..You’ll fit right in with the other gutty Lil’
        trolls…TROLL ON!!!

        • Hey SUC’s

          Wally, Wally, Wally: SUC lost their last game 62 -41 and fell to 0 – 2 in P12 South Conference. SUC is about to lose another game at the mausoleum. Right now, the only claim to fame SUC can muster is SUC imposter are recruiting the next SUC HC. The Gutty Little Bruins are 4 – 0 a top the South Conference. I think SUC graduate with degrees in mouthing off.

          • Walt Hazzard

            SUCLA! Yet another of the gutty Lil’trolls.Enjoy your 15 minutes of relevance and your “Big Win” over Utah!! anyone outside of West Hollywood knows you are not deserving of your ranking. I can’t wait for that house of cards to come crashing down so you trolls can go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under
            TROLL ON!

  • LamontRaymond

    Did you get burned on that one, Scott? Yeah, a little more investigation would have done all online & traditional reporters a service.

  • Golden Trojan

    This should be entertaining, who gets a real call, who gets a fake call. Who really gets an offer. Who turns SC down. Who actually takes the job. Wolf I have to agree, take away the fact JDR was a player 30 years ago, what’s he bring? Haden has said he wants a guy with college experience.

    • rusoviet

      Well that was part of the problem back in 2001 – there was no containment whatsoever on who was approached and subsequently declined – Riley, Erickson, Holtz, etc. Finally Riley told Carroll and Carroll spoke to Gross etc..

      This has to be done the way WA St. got leach and AZ Rodriguez ‘sub rosa’ – everything has to be vetted fully – if three or so are all clear then the key is to give all the same query and pick the one that hits all of Haden’s markers(academics, commitment, understands they’re an employee of the school and regardless of how long, not the other way around – i.e. Paterno and such).


    Whatever the case, Jack Del Rio should be approached and probably will. Without having any knowledge of the process, I do think Jack is a fine man and more than capable of being the head coach at USC. As Mr. Haden goes through the search he will make a good choice. I appreciate him and the job he is doing. I did hate to see Coach Kiffin’s firing, however, i’m sure Mr. Haden struggled with the decision. I did know Jack while I was at USC and thought he was friendly, smart, tough, competitive, loyal and just an overall great representative of the university! Good luck to all. Sincerely, Steve McGhghy

    • Joe Blow

      Mr. Haden is KILLING USC athletics. Wake UP.

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    This won’t be your last word on the subject. You will still be beating this dead horse two weeks from now.

  • cuedaddy

    Wolf, I’m sure you were one of the many who didn’t want Pete Carroll. Jim Mora didn’t have college experience, did he?! I think Jack Del Rio understands what the USC HC position requires and would do very well. Personally, I hope he gets the call and accepts.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Jack Del Rio over any of these token save face with the NCAA hires … like James Franklin.
    A cheerleading coach only lasts so long Wolfie … see Pete Carroll.
    Just hire Del Rio already , if anything he will punch out some of those wimpy Pac coaches like Sarkisian and Shaw.

  • B.Miller

    Damn.. We all know you are a big fan on James Franklin.. But I think the Trojan fan like the idea of Del Rio..