Quick Thought On James Franklin

I completely understand why Vanderbilt coach James Franklin is an A-list candidate for USC job. But if he wins 5-6 games this season does that make it a difficult sell for Pat Haden?

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  • Independent_George

    He will be a hard sell if he goes undefeated the rest of the year, The goobers on the pay boards are under the thrall of Kevin Sumlin, who is great with other folks’ recruits, or Orgeron.

    • rusoviet

      Sumlin coached HOU for 4 years before TX A&M tapped him after the 2011 remarkable 11-1 season. last year a miserable 5-7 but this year so far they’re 4-0 – a lot of those players were recruited by Sumlin.

      • Independent_George

        When Sumlin coaches a team with a defense, let me know.

        • sureshot32

          That’s what a guy like Pendergast is for. Chip Kelly wasn’t coaching defense at Oregon, but when you have a guy like Nick Alioti, you don’t need a great defensive head coach. Most head coaches aren’t masters on both sides of the ball. Besides, we all saw how great Alabama’s defense played against A&M… and Saban is a defensive guru.

          Sometimes it’s the players you have… sometimes it’s the players you’re playing against.

  • jetman624

    He may have over achieved last season, but he is looking very average this year.

  • Golden Trojan

    Who’s A list is he on? Haden’s? That’s the only list that matters!

  • john wolcott

    Good thing, the no-class SUCLAs on our blog don’t read news beyond the sports page. Otherwise, they would have excellent fodder for their next round of SC insults

    P.S. I am not revealing the anti-news.

    • ThaiMex

      None of us are surprised about the UNREPORTED RAPES on Campus. Not a single one of us ever believed there is more crime in Westwood than on the South Central Campus. Oh, maybe you are referring to the latest COLLEGE rankings which show LIMBO U going just a little lower? Just a guess.
      fit UN torgans!

      • Jack B

        USC is a great school. The fact you aren’t man enough to admit that fits in with your Little Gutty personality. Insecure. Threatened.

        UCLA has plenty of very public problems, not the least of which is clowns like you who need to live on another school’s blog to reinforce your need to grasp on some semblance of self-annointed superiority.

        Does UCLA even have a blog? You wouldn’t catch me wasting my time in some Little Gutty forum where everyone is overjoyed just because your football team doesn’t stink as usual.

        • ThaiMex

          Jack B Insecure? Jack B Threatened?…Your post REEKS of both. Check out the L.A. Times….They just EXPOSED you knuckleheads….(Maybe you think the guys over at the Times are also Insecure and feel THREATENED). SUCks….what a waste.
          Fit UN torgans!

          • Jack B

            Sorry to have offended you Little Gutty. Yell and scream much?

            As I said, for the last 14 years, the Bruins have absolutely stunk. You’ve only beaten the big bad Trojans twice. Twice. Weaklings, you Little Gutties.

            You’ll always be No. 2 in L.A. Get it little boy?

          • ThaiMex

            Jack B’s threatened and is insecure, but, I kinda understand…after all, you’ve got a Male Mascot that runs around in a Leather Skirt and sandals, the teams in LAST PLACE, you just fired your head coach, your new coach has had incidents of domestic violence, The L.A. Times just did an embarrassing piece on Violence on and around your Campus and surprise….COVERUPS, The SANCTIONS, Your STARTING Tight End was just kicked off the team for Burglary and then getting DRUNK and passing out in an ALLEY..International University Rankings show your PRIVATE “INSTITUTION” ranks lower than ANY U.C. School, ..(I won’t go on, and on, and on, and on)…and you believe I’m THREATENED and INSECURE? BY WHAT? BOOZY The BOOZE Monster? Congrats…you just got your AZZZZ handed to you by a “Little Boy”.
            fit UN torgans!

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Taco Mix is really into Male Mascots wearing Leather Skirts and sandals….”Do you like movies about gladiators?”…….

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            More CAPITALS PLEASE!!!!!!!!

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Jack B administering a beat-down!

      • Trojan Hoarse

        I love it when Taco Mix babbles in absolutes such as “Not a single one of us EVER believed… blah blah blah”……..Really?…….very dramatic……were you the captain of your high school debate team?

    • WEB_Dupree

      I’m surprised Wolf didn’t try to compare the story to Kiffin not talking about injuries, Kiffin fibbing about his vote in the coaches’ poll, or some other Kiffin incident.

  • The Capper

    Pat Haden revealed his A list to you? Who else was on it? Did he have any notes in the margins?

  • BearBryant3

    Yes it will, I like what he’s doing at vandy, but it will be a hard sell.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Franklin and Sumlin would be disasters at USC. Don’t even bother. Get Del Rio in here and regain ORDER !

    • sureshot32

      Sumlin would be a disaster? For ucla and ND maybe, but he would be outstanding at USC.

      Sumlin or Petersen are the first two names Haden should be talking to.

      • Goatboy Kiffin

        No Manziel … No D = No Sumlin
        Brothers rarely work out as HC. Don’t even try too risky. This needs to be a good hire.

        • sureshot32

          You’re saying USC shouldn’t hire him because he’s a “brother?” Dude, something’s wrong with you.

          Kevin Sumlin is an excellent coach at A&M and was great at Houston with limited talent. Put him in charge of USC with an outstanding defensive coordinator and you’d have another dynasty in the making.

          I still hope for Petersen, because he’s reached the pinnacle of what he could reach time and time again and has shown he can spot talent that other coaches might not be able to spot.

          I also forgot to mention Art Briles. I don’t know if he’s cut out for a move from Waco to Los Angeles, but he’s being mentioned as one of the top contenders for the UT job and he did demonstrate in last year’s Holiday Bowl that he can deliver an absolute behind whooping to the gutties. Plus, he’s fiery enough to argue a last second call that cost his team some points in the blowout and cocky enough to have that dubious score erased on Baylor’s Holiday Bowl rings.

  • B.Miller

    I have not heard anything about James Franklin being an A-list from ANYONE, but you…
    I would rather USC go after Art Briles than James Franklin