The King Is Dead, Long Live The King, Ctd.

From: “Trojan Football”
Date: October 7, 2013, 7:50:47 AM PDT
Subject: Support The Team And Coach O: Tickets Still Available For Remaining Games

The athletic dept. sent out the above email asking fans to support “Coach O.” Where were the emails supporting Coach K? If he was so bad why didn’t he get fired after the Sun Bowl? That’s what I advocated. But no, instead a nimble about-face has been done by USC now. You could get dizzy trying to figure out who you were supposed to support.

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  • john wolcott

    Vindictiveness knows no bounds

  • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

    You write like an amateur desperate for attention with your incessant disparage of USC. As long as you justify your disingenuous with “can’t please everyone,” you will continue to be the hero amongst the 1/7,120,000,000s of the world who call themselves Thai Mex. Congratulations Scott. You have manufactured a reason for ThaiMex to get off his knees, put the scrub brush down and slap you a high-five. If that makes you proud, I am embarrassed to share a USC degree with you.

    • Joe Blow

      Likewise. Wolf is a putz.

    • Hey SUC’s

      Wow. What a idle display of SUC degree braggadocio. What did you make last year? Chances are you’re a two bit RE agent in IE. We need more details of your worthless existence. Whine on.

      • Mike 70

        Talk about a worthless existence…two bit troll jumping on a bandwagon. Where you last 10 years when your little bruins got the sh*t kicked out of them? What did you make a$$hole?

        • Stu Azole

          actually, I was here, warning of SC’s impending doom. You laughed it off, but he who laughs last…

        • Hey SUC’s

          Mickey me boy, be glad to respond to your post as soon as your post makes any sense. And Mickey don’t forget to take your medication. Your edges seem frayed.

          • Mike 70

            Must be the education you got over there. Or did you go to some JC like the rest of the trolls who post here?

          • Hey SUC’s

            Mickey you horsesa**. I did attend JC and I’m proud of it. If graduating from SUC is the prerequisite for your ignorant, boorish, irrelevant posts than I’m glad I passed on a university education when I had the opportunity.

    • B.Miller

      nice screen name

      • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

        Fit UN Torgans? Is that Swahili?
        Got the CLAP, bRuins.
        That is English, and it burns when you pee.

  • Paul Hackett

    Scott, you really need stop your damn whining brotha. Kiffin is gone, deal with it.

    • Paul Hackett

      NIce, couldn’t come up with your own screen name ? YOU’RE A PUTZ

      • The Capper

        [“NIce, couldn’t come up with your own screen name ? YOU’RE A PUTZ”]

        Stop taking yourself so seriously champ. I wasn’t aware someone else had the same bad sense of humor I did. I’ll see if I can change my screen name. Would that be enough for you to step back from the ledge?

  • Thai, you AND THE WOLFMAN are WAY inside the heads of these Dummies!!!

    The walls are teetering, Lets go all TeaBagger and burn it all DOWN!!!!

    • CardinalnGold

      “TeaBagger”!? Your throwing up softballs there Bucket. I’ll pass though, it’s no fun when it’s that easy.

  • Paul Hackett

    Nothing Wolf said here is out of line, it’s just USC being USC, they spin better than Obummer and his minions

  • 22

    “Support the team” are words from the days when college football was an amateur sport. Today, collegiate football is professional entertainment targeting the television market. The fan experience is not what it was. Who wants to go to Thursday night’s game, made worse with no parking on campus? What a mess that is going to be.

    • G L

      The subject says remaining games, not game.

  • timtrojan

    When is a sports beat writer supposed to advocate anything? I’m an advocate for Scotty losing his job to a real writer Jill Painter.

  • TrojanFamily

    This really is Scott Wolf at his whiniest.

    Ever think the issue is USC wanting to sell tickets and using Orgeron’s first game as HC as the marketing hook?

    You are literally whining at a commercial.

  • LamontRaymond

    Don’t forget the video in which Haden said he supported Kiffin 100% – how much clearer could he have been, Scottie? Now we have a new coach and he’s exhorting fans to support him. Crash course in brain surgery.

  • B.Miller

    Im 100% support of CEO BABY!