My Pick On USC-Arizona Game

I know USC will be fired up. I suspect the offense will be more equitable. And I can’t believe Clancy Pendergast will allow himself to be humiliated two straight games. All that said, this series is ususally close.

So I’ll take USC, 28-24.

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  • wolfman, you KNOW i love you like a long lost blood brother, but i think you MAY have been overtaken by Cajun-Mania!!!

    DESPITE the fact you are hailing the Agin’ Cajun as the second coming of Knute Rockne, you FORGET, Southern Cal is missing it’s best Defensive and Offensive players!!!

    i grant you a fired up home team can be extremely tough to beat (see Utah vs UCLA), but i think the trOXans run out of juice at the end due to scholarship reductions!!!

    AZ 26
    Southern Cal 20

  • snarfy

    What does the word “ususally” mean? Is that the word for a sports blogger who is too lazy to spell check his verbal effluent?

  • rusoviet

    I’d look for a 14-17 point victory over AZ – cold night for LA this time of year – midweek game – nothing to lose and throwing everything into the fray as Rodriguez stated that is what he fears.

    Build on this to take it to the Irish a week hence and a big thank you to the athletic department for not changing neither the jersey or helmet unlike so many other programs have.

    Same for UCLA over CA this weekend – expect a 14 – 16 point victory for the Bruins.

  • marvgoux1

    Win One For Ed! USC 35 Desert Scrub 3

    • Golden Trojan

      Hey I just got a flash back to the old Jim Rhome Show when he referred to SC as the University of Ed (Traveller for you Ruin dopes)!

      • rusoviet

        That pathetic coward – always remind him and his addicts of him cowering in fear as Jim Everett loomed over the ‘dwarf’ when the ‘dwarf’ wouldn’t stop being like the bucket boy and the other bel-airians – Siam-whitebread and ‘klintonska getting his lewinsky’ (as demokratiches always do)…’Jim Rome’ …. westside whitebread…westside whitebread…..westside whitebread….(bel-airians)

  • B.Miller

    DB’s suck!