Pick The Score

OK, time to pick the first result of the Ed Orgeron era. Do you think USC’s offense will score more points under Clay Helton? Will a fired-up team play better or experience a second-quarter letdown?

Post your prediction here. Six of the past seven USC-Arizona games were decided by a TD or less.

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    USC 31 – Arizona 27

  • TrojanFamily

    With Lee out (as well as Breslin) I just don’t see USC able to score all that much off Arizona. I hope I’m wrong but I see an Arizona 17 USC 14 outcome.

    But I am more interested in contingent causations. So if Agholor takes advantage of Lee’s injury and has a coming out party, USC will win it 27-17.

    • ProbationU

      Contingent causations? Isn’t that what they call trying to have it both ways? SC 24-21. Ed O signs contract extension.

      • TrojanFamily

        No. It is about the use of simulation rather than modelling. In sports terms, it means “what are the keys to the game?” It’s when the analyst says “whichever teams has the fewest turnovers wins” without predicting which team will in fact have the fewest–he doesn’t know.

        This is how I employ it here:

        I don’t know if Agholor steps up. If he does, USC wins. If not, USC loses. That’s contingent causation.

        Modelling says, USC wins. There are no contingencies.

        if Agholor does step up and USC loses, I’m wrong. If he doesn’t step up and USC wins, I’m wrong too.

        That’s not having it both ways.

        • ProbationU

          If my aunt had ba!!s, she’d be my uncle.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            How do you know that she doesn’t?

          • ProbationU

            Because she was videotaped at the Galen Center by your assistant equipment manager.

    • Hey SUC’s

      Contingent Causations = Prodigious pretentiousness

  • ThaiMex

    If I were betting on the chances of TWO WOMEN fighting against a couple of 7 ft. SCUm basketball players…I’d pick the 7 ft knuckle draggin Neanderthals. However…since this all about a group men vs a bunch of special admits….I gotta go with U of A 45-27. (Bring back Goat Boy!)
    fit UN torgans!

  • SonOfWestwood

    Ordinarily I’d pick AZ in this game, but their lack of a passing game should play directly in to USC’s hands. Gonna be a close game though. 16-14 USC.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Safety?…. Missed extra point?

      • SonOfWestwood

        Touchdown and three FG’s.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Whew….. as long as it wasn’t 8 safeties!……LOL…. I hope that our kicker regains his accuracy…..

        • Golden Trojan

          pick 6 and and offensive TD for Zonies.

  • FreeShabazz

    Arizona 34 – SC 21

  • Paul Hackett

    USC 31
    UofA 17

  • EncinitasBruin

    USC is fired up and hungry after having to bottle a lot of stuff that 19-year-olds should not have to (Gestapo watch re: the press, eating sweets at training table, injury muzzles, having a coach who was the village idiot), so I’d say they shine tonight. A very tough AZ D will keep this one low-scoring: USC 17 AZ 10.

  • B.Miller

    I LOVE USC and I am hoping they win, but I would not bet on them..

  • Fred Sampson

    I think USC will come away with an emotional win, but the true test will come with the consist play throughout the rest of the season.

  • The Capper

    USC – 45
    AZ – 3

  • Golden Trojan

    The only barometer for Uof A is the Washington game where they got lit up and only scored 13. I would think SC can hold them to 17 or less. Wolf is probably right that without Lee the TEs will have to step up which will help the WRs and RBs will be able to lock it away. 24-17 SC. I’ll be looking for what kind of crowd on a Thursday nite, will LA folks come late and leave early, will there be 2nd half adjustments?


    SC 33-17