USC Morning Buzz

After months of anticipation/dread, the Coliseum will host its first USC Thursday night game. Here’s my preview on the rejuvenated Trojans.

Meanwhile, here’s the story on a former assistant equipment manager being sentenced to 36 months probation for secretly videotaping female staff members in a Galen Center locker room.

And in basketball, USC received a commitment from center Jabari Craig of Waynesboro, Va., the third commitment from the Class of 2014.

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  • Paul Hackett

    USC wins, everyone is overjoyed, Layla leaves the Kiffer for a younger man.

    • rusoviet

      Thanks for your horrific final phrase re. Lane Kiffin’s marital affairs – what a monster you must truly be.

      • Paul Hackett

        Still waiting for the proof that Brian Jones played the sitar on a record before George Harrison, you dunk commie beetch

  • can i open a newspaper just once without a story about a trOXan committing some sexx crime jumping out at me???

    thanks for the Rest of the Earth Coverage you provide, wolfman, but even though i love you like a blood brother, sometimes i wish you weren’t so dang good at your job…

    hey you douche-bag trOXans, i know you all cover up for each other, but TRY to get this reported to the proper authorities this time.

  • Hey SUC’s

    SUC the University: home of helium filled footballs, it’s ok to cheat to win mentality and purveyor of chick locker room Peeping-Tom videos. I am SHOCKED.


      You can’t spell SUCCESS without SUC!

      • Hey SUC’s

        That’s pretty good.

  • ThaiMex

    SECRETLY Video taping female staff members in a Galen Center Locker Room? Now that’s RICH! He must have gone to that GREAT SCUm Film School, like that Joe (girls gone wild) D-Bag. LIMBO U…goes a little bit LOWER!
    YUP…..we’re all jealous ’cause we wanna be torgans!
    fit UN torgans!

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Corrective action was immediately taken by USC… what else would you have liked USC to have done?…. perhaps, a public lynching?… tar and feathering?

      • ThaiMex

        Why not JUST QUIT w/ the “It’s the Greatest School” B.S. You’ve had MORE (yup…it’s in CAPS) than your fair share of mishaps (do I dare list them, AGAIN, “JUNIOR”?). Why not just STFU for a little while and think about what an A-HOLE you are being and what an embarrassment your so called “Institution of Higher Learning” really is. If it wasn’t for BAD NEWS, there wouldn’t be any news at all.
        Fit UN Torgan…and remember the ALAMO!


          Shoot, Thai, looks like you aren’t allowed anywhere near campus anymore. I guess we won’t be seeing you at the game today!

          • ThaiMex

            Typical…..A member of your “FINE” staff wins the DUMB AZZZ award of the year…..and…you chose to JOKE ABOUT IT? (Got any basketball jokes about TWO 7 Footers beating up a couple of girls?)
            fit UN

          • TrojanFamily

            There is nothing more offensive than convenient moral outrage. Using these cases to troll a site is really the lowest form of argumentation. Maybe instead of trolling a site, you should work for a rape crisis center. Do something with your life rather than make multiple logins and troll a sports site.

          • ThaiMex

            Gotta love the “CONVENIENT MORAL OUTRAGE” comment! Lemme see where to begin (conveniently) Junior Pommee, The Two KNUCKLE DRAGGIN 7 footers, Deflated footballs, secretly video taping women, UN REPORTED on Campus Rapes, SANCTIONS, O.J…..both of ’em, Ting 1 & Ting 2, Spittin’ and Gropin’ Marc Tyler, o.k. the next one wasn’t really MORAL…it was just PLAIN STUPID…As Guests..Trashing the City of El Paso. Want more? Lemme know….it won’t be difficult to find more recent acts of stupidity! It really is “convenient”, no problem/trouble at all!
            fit UN torgan!

          • TrojanFamily

            have you ever used this convenient moral outrage at a non-USC example? If you care so much about these issues, why do you only bring them up to troll a sports site? I’m pissed off about this story. But I am not going to use it to troll a site. It is so much larger than the trivial way you raise it here. You demean these women’s suffering just to troll a site. SHAME ON YOU.

          • ThaiMex

            YOU ARE THE TROLL and you are a prime example of what a HYPOCRITE thinks like.

            (I especially like the vague zinger part where you say “It is so much larger than the trivial way you raise it”…Your RAH RAH friends must be impressed with your jetsam). MERCY NURSE!
            and Fit UN torgan!

          • Trojan Hoarse

            “Mercy Nurse”…. C-Buckets favorite Jim Healy reference…. beyond pathetic…..and you accuse TF of being a HYPOCRITE?… look who is calling the kettle black….

          • Trojan Hoarse

            T-M is an angry, little man who hates his life to its fullest, each and everyday…..

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Wow……Taco Mix has his sombrero in a tizzy today………Someone got his application rejected by El Camino JC again……

    • B.Miller


      USC professor Arieh Warshel won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Chemistry thanks to his decades of work alongside two colleagues developing the key principles behind computer simulations that are now indispensable in the study of chemical reactions.

  • Memo to Cadre: let’s be fair here boys….Southern Cal has a strong record of DEALING with these problems. when Marc Tyler groped the privates and spit in the face of some gals on campus, Southern Cal IMMEDIATELY made him sit out half a game!!!!

    you’d think these young girls never had anyone grope their privates or spit in their faces before!!! c’mon!!!!

  • gotroy22

    A slap on the wrist for such a pervert? All Trojans should demand justice against this voyeur.

  • john wolcott

    Is there any more self-righteous vermin on this blog than a SUCLA weasel?