Cody Kessler On Lane Kiffin, Ed Orgeron

“Me personally, no disrespect to other coaches before. You want a coach you would go to war for. When you have a coach that you can feel how much he wants you to succeed, that’s love.”

— USC QB Cody Kessler

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  • Independent_George

    It’ is pretty amazing at the level of rot that Lane Kiffin was/is as a coach.

  • Helen

    Kiffin didn’t want Kessler to succeed? Huh? His job was on the line largely based on Kessler’s success. Dumb move son.

    • Jack B

      Kiffin’s a very selfish, stubborn individual. Had Kiffin handled the QB situation differently and named a QB a week before the season started, he might have lasted as HC a couple of weeks longer.

      Bottom line – kids can relate to Orgeron. Nobody relates to Kiffin real well, he is so closed in and has zero people skills. Zero. Anyone who has been around Kiffin would tell you that. He cares mostly about himself and is very small-minded in that regard.

  • Mark

    I know he’s a youngster & all, but athletes making war comparisons just disgusts me.

    • Yes, grown men fighting over a ball versus risking and giving life and limb in defense of the Republic.

      There is no comparison.

  • Golden Trojan

    What an incredible buzz kill Lane Kiffin must have been.

    • Fred Sampson

      Exactly !!!!

  • Joe Blow


  • B.Miller

    I would like USC TE / WR to catch more balls for Kessler.. He was putting the ball right on the money!