Lane Kiffin Attends Washington Walk-Through

USC coach Lane Kiffin watched Washington’s walk-through today in Seattle ahead of Saturday’s appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay. Photo here

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  • john wolcott

    Well good for Kiff; he’s not sitting around the house moping. He is a guy who needs to work to be happy.

    And let’s not forget he was a Trojan. He was not right for the job but he put his heart into it, much like Neuheisel did at SUCLA. It just didn’t work out

    • rusoviet

      Well said – both Neuheisel and Kiffin walked into their respective ‘tar babies’ save the latter had and has no idea how to motivate nor allow anyone but himself to have ‘input’.

  • Arturo

    Good for him. Best of Luck, Coach Kiffin.

  • steveg

    Rename the blog “Inside the life of Lane Kiffin” and spend your days reporting on him while the rest of us go elsewhere for football.

    • Golden Trojan

      No Kidding.

  • Golden Trojan

    FORMER USC Head Coach Lane Kiffin! Has a nice ring to it. Hope he finds the right place for himself. He was in over his head at SC and became ineffective in every thing, including play calling, could happen to any of us. He did some dumb stuff Wolf, get over him and focus on SC sports.

  • B.Miller

    i think Wolf is in love with Lane Kiffin