Lane Kiffin on GameDay

Here are some excerpts on Lane Kiffin’s appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay:

On watching the Arizona game: “It was like watching someone else raise your kids.”

`It fell apart there toward the end and obviously I’m to blame as the head coach.”

“To be 28-15 there’s good stuff in there.”

“Different things that I’ve done that I wouldn’t do again have followed me.”

On Pat Haden: “He has a lot of people to answer to.”

On Cody Kessler’s post-Arizona game comments: “By the time I woke up the next day I had a text from Cody.’

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  • Helen

    What, no Wolf-spin on the Kiffin interview? I thought Kiffin was very contrite and showed a lot of love for the players and coaches. This must have been very difficult for him and not many persons in his position would have done this. I thought ESPN was pretty sleazy showing the Kessler quote and asking Kiffin to respond. Unfortunately these kids don’t think about how their words will be interpreted and it was clear Kessler was not dissing Kiffin but complimenting Orgeron.

    • Jack B

      I’m not like many others out there who think Kiffin is a bad guy. But I do believe he was ill-equipped to lead USC – because he is not a leader. Men do not follow him like controvesry does. Kiffin came off okay, not great. Difficult for him? Yes. He admits to making mistakes. You think? Too many to count. He had no alternative. Not bad for the millions he made for himself and his father. USC paid the price. And now the team is much happier without him. That’s enough for me now.

      • Helen

        I agree with you that Kiffin is not a leader. He would be better suited as an OC. On the other hand, Orgeron is a leader but lacks the X’s and O’s skills to be a head coach.

        • Jack B

          I’m not advocating Orgeron as HC, although I do hope he remains at USC. He is a very knowledgeable coach and the players and recruits love him. Tough guy with a smile. I’m not sure about Kiffin’s X/O skills. Sure, football is all he cares about. But he never adapts his offense to a defenses weaknesses. Runs the same crap over and over. For me the tipping point was the horrible WSU game. That’s when he lost me for good.

          • Helen

            Orgeron staying at USC is as big a priority as hiring a new HC. But I’m afraid Orgeron is setting himself up to be disappointed. He almost has to finish undefeated for Haden to have no choice but to hire him as HC.

          • TrojanFamily

            Orgeron knows he’s auditioning for a HC job. Just not the USC job. Haden will get justifiably ripped if he settles on an assistant coach again like he did for baseball.

            Any big name coach will have his own staff, so I don’t expect Orgeron to be back. I think he does well (5-3 maybe, 4-4 likely, but with better play) and a smaller school jumps all over him. I’d say a post Franklin Vandy but he flamed out at Ole Miss. Someplace like UConn (although I’m not sure he wants to go up north) or Baylor if Baylor’s coach heads to Austin…..

          • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

            Hopefully Coach O stays on (with a big pay raise) as Asst HC.

          • gillyking

            Coach O is a great recruiter and a better than average D line coach. He’s a deer in the headlights as an HC. He is just in this position to facilitate Haden’s search for the next guy. Nothing against Orgeron, as he is a steady and dedicated position coach and team rah rah guy. I hope he gets to stay regardless that the team will probably only win 2 or possibly 3 more games this season. The secondary is a torch zone, same with depth at WR and both lines. We will probably lose the 4th qtr in all of the remaining games due to these depth issues alone which are the reason that we are gassed by that stage of the games. The sanctions did what the NCAA had intended and the toll has been exacted. Now we just need to push on, hope for the best and by all means get a top line coach for the next decade.

          • marvgoux1

            Don’t you think Ed is using this oportunity to show that he is ready to return as a head coach at a Diviision I school?

          • Helen

            I do. And his #1 choice is USC. But he would take a HC job elsewhere if offered (and USC doesn’t).

  • steveg

    It was not a bad audition. Perhaps he can do some sideline reporting.

    • Paul Hackett

      He’s not a female, he has no chance. If he was a black moronic female, he’d be in like Flynn !

  • Paul Hackett

    If players were to give an honest answer about Kiffin, they would all lose their scholarships.

  • john wolcott

    You know, a 28-15 record does not get you fired at SUCLA;
    the midget-bears would erect a monument in your honor

    • Hey SUC’s

      Hey Johnny boy, in Homer’s Iliad the SUCs lose the war to the Greeks. Troy is burned and destroyed, its women rap*d and then sold into slavery and all SUC males killed. So F**k the horse you rode in on.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        The only way SUC could erect anything is with a little blue pill

        • Hey SUC’s

          Thus speaks T Hearse, SUC’s Golden Gladiator. You seem to have a one track mind. Everything you post relates to S*X. Very much like an confused adolescent. Do you like to look at chimney stacks and peep in the odd home window? Share your angst T Hearse, escape the closet.

          • 1ThaiMexCleansMyToilets1

            There goes Hey SUCLA again — proving that he rents space (in his head) from us. He cackles on our boards, he replies immediately and succumbs to name calling.

            The guy obviously has serious issues with envy and security. If he didn’t, he would post on his own board instead of ours. Count how many times you see posts from me on SUCLAs boards. Go ahead…..I’ll wait.

            Watch him prove me right as he shows all of us how dependent he is on Trojan news to find meaning in life with his defensive responses.

  • Bill Fernandez

    “It was like watching someone else raise your kids.” The best argument for adoption I have ever heard.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      ….or foster homes

      • RIP Lane Kiffin

        Or Child Protective Services

  • TrojanConquest

    TV is not for him. Too awkward. But an OC in the NFL would be good. He reminds me of Dirk Koetter. Terrible personality and leadership ability, but has been a great NFL OC.

    • Golden Trojan

      Later in the broadcast when he was talking football he looked relaxed and having fun. Better than any press conference as a coach. He may be feeling relief his time a SC is over.

  • Helen

    Scottie: why no mention of the great game Tavai had vs Arizona? MVP of the game. Cravens looked lost again and Pendergast is going to have to take him out of the starting rotation before more damage is done.


      Do you mean Torin Harris? I think Cravens has been playing fine.

      • Golden Trojan

        On the broadcast they pointed out Cravens making a freshman mistake giving up a touchdown. Can’t take Cravens or Harris out got to coach them up.

      • Helen

        Torin Harris was bad as well. Even against ASU Cravens played out of position and got credit for giving up some long gains.

      • TrojanFan

        Harris has looked like shlt is whole career at USC. Thank God his days are numbered

  • The Capper

    …On his option of Scott Wolf: “Shaun who?”

  • trojandude207

    Wow I posted the link to the interview here over 8 hours ago and it got moderated out

    • WEB_Dupree

      I think any post with a URL gets screened out.

  • B.Miller

    Another Kiffin Post..