Does USC Need A Secondary Coach?

Clancy Pendergast’s insistence to be the defensive coordinator and secondary coach does not seem like a great idea today especially after the secondary’s meltdown the past two games. Would the Trojans be better served to have had a full-time position coach like Marvin Sanders around?
Maybe. Maybe not. But it seems like another instance where cutting a corner hurts the program, much like when Lane Kiffin tried to call plays and be the head coach.
There’s no reason USC should have two offensive line assistant coaches and no secondary coach.

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  • Helen

    Scottie: Kiffin didn’t call plays as the head coach as a means to cut corners – he did it because of ego and believing nobody could calls plays better then him.

    Given the poor play of the OL last year and to begin this year, one might ask the question if two OL coaches is enough?

    Although I will agree with you that USC should have a DB coach, I’m not convinced the coaches are the problem.

    • Cheap seats

      Agreed. Neither did Chip Kelly call plays as a way to “cut corners.”

      DB along with offensive line are two examples where sanctions HAVE hurt depth.

      Anytime you lose 3 solid veterans in Robey, Starling, and McDonald, you better be able to reload recruiting-wise. Even though we landed McQuay and Cravens, the “other” school landed 4-star quantity.

    • Fred Sampson

      I agree, It’s the lack of Talent on the right side of that Offensive line that’s the biggest problem of all !! I watched OG John Martinez get handled against Stanford and Notre Dame as if he was a Rag Doll last season, and OT Kevin Graft is average at best. You can’t Coach up Players like that , you have to replace them .

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Martinez was a 4 star recruit (according to Rivals) and came out as the #1 center in 2009….shows you how much these recruiting services are worth……it’s not an exact science…..

  • Jim – yes I’m a fan


  • Charles

    wasn’t Pete Carroll Head Coach, Def. play caller and secondary coach? i’m not knowledegable on the subject, but what responsibilities as DC is pendergast prevented from doing by being a position coach as well? also, could you list prominent DC/OC’s that are purely coordinators and do not coach a position?

  • Stu Azole

    Dunno about all this, but did you know that there’s only 1 defense in CFB that hasn’t allowed a single point in the 3rd quarter this year? That’s right – UCLA. 2nd rate in LA ON!

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Well, since UCKA beat Utah a couple of weekends ago, and Utah beat Stanford last weekend, so the Bruins should have next weekends game against The Cardinal in the bag, no problem…. Right?….c’mon. AZZZZZ=Hole…… your shot…..

      • Stu Azole

        teams are pretty even. Could win, could lose. It’s why they play the game. That said, until we lose to the likes of Wazzu, you may want to hold your tongue! LOL.

  • Evil Robot

    If Torrin Harris isn’t playing, the coaching seems fine.The guy is trying, but QB’s know to pick on him and he just isn’t that good. Just about every big pass from Hawaii to last week goes his way.

  • jesse rodriguez

    For once i agree!

  • Arturo

    Weren’t you calling for better O-line play last year? You can’t have it both ways el Lobo.

  • B.Miller

    Young, inexperience and Injured in the secondary Wolf.. Relax and give it a little more time.. They will come together.