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If the coaching change does help USC on the field, maybe it will regain momentum in the “greatest intersectional rivalry” in the nation. The Trojans were 8-1 against Notre Dame under Pete Carroll but Lane Kiffin lost two of the past three meetings.

You can bet Ed Orgeron will not ignore the importance of the rivalry. But history is against him. This is the 11th time in the series both teams are unranked and USC is 3-7 in those game. And the Trojans are 2-15 in South Bend when they have two losses.

So if Orgeron wins this game, it will be a historical upset, to say the least.

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  • steveg

    Another great stretch. Rated pretty much even, take it one game at a time, let history write itself Wolf.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Exactly… this isn’t David and Goliath…….and, as popularized by Mark Twain, “There are lies, damned lied and statistics.” …….that was a VERY weak argument, Wolfie…..

      • Hey SUC’s


        • Trojan Hoarse

          That’s most intelligent thing you’ve ever posted on this blog…..there may be hope for you yet….

        • steveg

          first post of yours I actually stopped and read. Great man, you got it together.

  • wolfman, you KNOW i love you like a blood brother, but this idolatry of the Agin’ Cajun has gone too far!!!

    wait a minute……wolfman are you trying to puff up the Agin’ Cajun’s reputation so that he GETS the Southern Cal job thus ensuring a later collapse that you can feast on like a hungry wolf?????

    wolfman you are one Ruthless Vato!!!

  • Ted

    Greg Schiano anyone??

  • Golden Trojan

    Historic upset doubt it, neither is ranked so who is upsetting who? The line is even(home team by 3). J Robinson (part I) and P Hackett, interesting pair, one of the best and one of the worst, not indicative of coaching quality.

  • sureshot32

    Notre Dame fans haven’t seen the Irish beat SC in South Bend since… 2001?

    Pretty sure extending that streak until 2015 at the earliest wouldn’t go down in history as a historical upset (to say the least).

    Plus, both teams that beat ND this year were upset, with the Wolverines going down to the Nitany Lions of (the depleted) Penn State and Sooners losing to the Longhorns (who saved Mack Brown’s job for at least a few more weeks).

    • Stu Azole

      and SC has beaten exactly nobody, but lost to Wazzu and ASU. Fit on!

      • steveg

        stuhole, we appreciate your valuable input. You are quite succinct and appropriate.

  • trojandude207

    I just finished watching Coach O on the Post AZ game Press video posted on YouTube. One thing he needs to work on is diction.Turn the auto captions on and read them forget the rest of the content just the captions . It becomes a string of sentences that could lead to Penn State style sanctions if the sound is off.

  • RIP Lane Kiffin

    Only 2 Notre Dame wins since 2001 were when USC QB was making their first Trojan Start in place of injured Matt Barkley…and both of those losses were by single digits. Only cold weather and/or the forecast rain will prevent a win.