Ed Orgeron Hints Again At Secondary Changes

Here’s what USC coach Ed Orgeron said today about the defense.

“Spread teams have given us problems. We’ve let the deep ball get behind us. They’re very fixable (issues). We’ll maybe make some personnel changes.”

Perhaps he is referring to cornerback Anthony Brown, out since the Hawaii game with a sprained knee.

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    Perhaps?…… more than freaking likely that change will be made…..

  • steveg

    We can see the problem Wolf, come join us on here and we will tell you what’s going on with the team so maybe you can write something intelligent. We realize you are having trouble with a HC that will talk to you, but take a deep breath, forget about the previous coaches, and remember you are a big boy now you can handle it. You have some great guys and some idiot trolls here to help you all we can.

    • marvgoux1

      Why would we expect intelligent commentary out of you Sunshine Pumpers that backed Kiffin for 4 years?


        blahblahblah “rah rah” blahblahblah “sunshine pumper!” blahblahblah. I get a lot more information on the team reading comments on this blog than reading the blog itself. The people that don’t contribute any good information are the people like you, gotroy and the fucla clowns. You’d rather throw yourselves a pity party and talk about how bad everything is.

      • steveg

        You must be confused. I have never backed Kiffin that I can remember. I always thought we could have done much better. Lookin in the wrong place here for sunshine, sunshine.

  • B.Miller

    I think our DB’s need to be A LOT more physical off the line, instead of playing 20 yards back and letting WR run right by them. Start punching WR in the chest off the line!