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Picking up on what I mentioned yesterday, with the USC secondary surrendering 714 yards passing the past two games, would it have been better off keeping secondary coach Marvin Sanders instead of having Clancy Pendergast serve as defensive coordinator/secondary coach?
Lane Kiffin said that was what Pendergast wanted when he hired him in the offseason. Remember everyone knew the secondary was the team’s weak spot entering the season, so maybe it would have been better to have a defensive backs coach instead of two offensive line coaches. Story here

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    Wolf……if you haven’t got the horses, it wouldn’t matter if Bill Shoemaker were the jockey…….would you like some cheese with your whine?…..

    • ThaiMex

      Bill “Willie” Shoemaker had a SERIOUS drinking problem, played around on his wife, and was a pedophiliac. He died a very LONELY miserable “man”. Bill Shoemaker was his own worst enemy. “I don’t make em’ up Paley”. Bill would have made a FINE Torgan!
      fit UN!

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Making fun of alcoholics now, are we?…… are beyond pathetic… are nothing but a COWARD, hiding behind his computer, who has accomplished NOTHING in his life……….you are a burden on society…..but you don’t care…..

        • ThaiMex

          Are you really that DENSE and that SCREWED up? Are you attention starved? “Making fun of alcoholics”?…You my friend are a DUMB AZZZZZZ. My comments about WILLIE are accurate and if you knew anything about Horse racing history, you’d know a thing or two about Willie and his screwed up personal life…”Bab’s” would certainly agree with my comments if only she were alive. Just because you are a Horses’s AZZZ doesn’t make you an expert at Horse racing lore.
          fit Un RAH RAH!

          • Trojan Hoarse

            So what did you really hope to gain by bringing up that “information” about Willie Shoemaker?…..a few cheap laughs?….are you the gatekeeper of enlightenment on this blog?…….let the dead RIP already…..and I never claimed that I was an expert on horse racing lore…… apparently, my analogy of horses/football players and jockeys/coaches was a little too deep for your simple mind to grasp……

          • ThaiMex

            Tell you what, you silly TWAT…..The next time Nubsie or one of his Monkey boys makes a derogatory comment about John Wooden….and YOU STAND UP TO DEFEND Coach Wooden (let the dead RIP), then I’ll forget all about your need to draw attention to yourself by standing up on that Soap Box and yelling..”EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME”.
            BTW, your analogy….was just plain stupid….and not deep at all. Post less….say more, it’s worked for T-fail, and it will work for you too!
            fit UN RAH RAH!

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Since we’re all over the place here. allow me a turn.
            If Joe McDonnell ever stood up on that soap box, it better be a VERY strong soapbox.

          • take a knee, THAI, i GOT THIS!!!

            Jezro, before you try to attack a fat guy, get your facts straight!!! BIg Joe is rather svelte these days!! so up your a$$!

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Saw him on TV the other day. You call that svelte?

          • check his FacePage. he does look a little odd due to the enormous weight loss, but he is WAAAAY down to what i would call normal weight.
            sorry about the up your A$$ comment, i was drinking cognac and watching the Dodgers lose… least i used $$ signs!!!

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Okay…. after laughing hysterically at your childish, name calling rant last night, and after getting a good nights sleep, I have this to say to you:

            To the best of my knowledge, nobody on this blog has ever accused Wooden of being an alcoholic, a pedophiliac or cheating on his beloved Nellie. Most of the “derogatory” comments have involved UCLA’s association with their big time booster, Sam Gilbert during their “glory years” in men’s basketball. And if a derogatory comment were to be stated about Wooden, I would expect YOU to STAND UP AND DEFEND Wooden, since you just as capable as anyone else of doing this…..yes, let the dead RIP…. that’s only the decent thing to do, T-M……and I don’t draw attention to myself…I draw attention to stupidity….and my analogy was not intended to be deep…..quite to the contrary……I was hoping to reach the lowest common denominator of intelligence on this blog, and obviously I failed…..Post intelligently, T-M……it just might work for you, too……

            FIGHT ON!

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Per your “article”, “One reason for the defense’s shortcomings is facing the Pacific-12 Conference’s high-powered offenses.” ……….That isn’t a REASON, Scottie…..these high powered offenses are EXPOSING our greatest weakness/shortcomings, i.e. the cornerbacks…….

  • Henry Bibby

    “It raises the question whether former coach Lane Kiffin properly balanced the coaching staff in the offseason.”

    It raises the question whether current coach Ed Orgeron properly balanced the coaching staff when he was promoted. He added a D-Line coach, but not a secondary coach. Lane Kiffin was fired Sept. 29th, if you didn’t hear, idiot.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      EVERYTHING that Scottie has posted recently has had Kiffin in its context…….Wolfies eyes are staring squarely on the past…….

      • Stu Azole

        just like trogan fans in general. Oh, remember 2006? Yeah, that was great.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          You just proved my opinion of trollz like you, AZZ-Hole……”just like trogan fans in general”…… love to generalize………you use a shotgun approach to insults….that’s weak and way less effective……you paint all USC fans with the same brush……with all due respect, that’s a bit ignorant, don’t you think?… many of us are actually forward thinkers……my rearview mirror is broken and I have already forgotten about the Arizona game, let alone 2006…..

  • B.Miller

    The DB’s are young, inexperienced, and injured.. The defense knows and we will see if Clancy with fix it!

    The hurry offense doesn’t help these guys either.. Im sure they are exhausted come 4th qtr.

  • steveg

    Wolf, I remember when you were so concerned about the offensive line, so to make you happy they hired a second coach. Now you are unhappy about the DB’s, so have a word with Haden and get a secondary secondary coach in there.