Cody Kessler On Notre Dame

KESSLER.ARIZONA USC quarterback Cody Kessler said he won’t be in awe of the atmosphere at Notre Dame Stadium.
“It’s going to be a wild atmosphere but I’m going to stay level-headed,” Kessler said. “I feel 100 percent in control and 100 percent confident.”
Photo/Getty Images

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  • john wolcott

    Come on, Cody, you are 4 games into being a starter, so don’t overstate, or even state at all, your confidence level. Just show it on the field

    Go SC beat ND

  • Hey SUC’s

    “Cockle doodle do,” continued Cody, ” a no sweat, piece of cake game.”

    • Trojan Hoarse

      “Any cockle do”, said SUC……..

    • TrojanFamily

      Sucky, your posts make as much sense as a Ted Cruz filibuster.

      • gotroy22

        You rah rahs make as much sense as Obama doubling the national debt in 5 years.


    Being reported that Breslin is likely to play on Saturday. Good news.

    • it’s not a story until the WOLFMAN reports it.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        This just in ….according to Wolfman, Charles Lindbergh made it!!!….way to stay on top of the latest breaking news, Scottie!

      • Jack B

        How slow can you get Bucket Boy? This blog NEVER breaks news. It’s a rehash dungeon where a few Little Gutties live to brag daily since their team finally beat USC last year at home. It was shocking, I admit!

        • gotroy22

          Then why are you here if it’s so bad?

      • B.Miller

        You two have to be dating or your the same person.. NO One loves Wolf as much as you do

  • special shout out to O’Bummer who booty busted the Tea Baggers with EXTREME prejudice!!!

    the way they backed down and spread their legs reminds me of how the Dummies on this blog rolled over once the CADRE started running WILD all up in this here joint!!!


      I especially liked the part when he was asked if this would be averted next time around (Jan. 15th) he said “of course” and then gave smile and a wink. Quite a leader we’ve got there.

    • gotroy22

      Thanks to Obama every American owes $53,000 toward the $17 trillion national debt. And you libs think he should be able to spend another trillion dollars to steal from our children. Going to the Little Red Schoolhouse brainwashed you.

      • Oh, O’BUMMER caused the deficit?? Wow. They don’t call ’em Dummies for nothing!!!

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Dude……as much as some other dummies may think, we can’t “spend” our way out of this hole……..

        • Mike 70

          How much do you think OBummer care will add to the deficit in the next few years? That is if they can get the website to work. The government running Health Care? what a colossal mistake. bucket I am sure you need it, Jack in the Box does not have good coverage for 15 hours a week does it?

          • eat it, Tea Bagger!!!

            O’Bummer WON……AGAIN!!!!

            can’t WAIT to see what coo-coo bird Tea Bagger you Dummies are gonna serve up to Sexy Hillary!!!

            my prediction: Paaaaaaaaain!!

          • Trojan Hoarse

            If Granny Clampett is indeed elected, there will be IMMENSE pain……

          • why do you say IF??? we both KNOW it’s a bigger lock than the beatdown Barr and Jack are gonna put on you chumps next month!!!!!

          • Trojan Hoarse

            God help us…….. oops…. I forgot….we cannot say the pledge of allegiance in school anymore or invoke the name of the almighty in any way….. my bad…..

          • Pfffffffffffftht!!! Tea Bagger.

          • Hey SUC’s

            Mickey, you’re an excellant credit to stupidity.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            And it’s because of morons like you that I support women having the right to an abortion….. retroactively…..

      • Hey SUC’s

        I smell the stench of an blockheaded tea party republican. Somehow, tea party skanks want to blame Obama for Cpl. Geo. W. Bush’s monumental failures. That’s because tea party trollops don’t think for themselves. They need to be incited by somebody else’s preconceived illogical agenda or half baked rant.