• Trojan Hoarse

    A 20% Federal Tax???…….. I guess some things never change….

  • Golden Trojan

    To see SC at ND is on my bucket (not Charlie) list.

    • Hey SUC’s

      Monkey see, Monkey do.


      Funny, I bet seeing fucla play in any stadium is on the bucket list for charlie bucket and his butt buddies on this blog.

      • Cheap seats

        Now why in the world would trolls like Bucket, SUC, and the other clowns want to watch a UCLA game? They’re just SC haters.

  • john wolcott

    My father bought a house in 1951 for $15,000 that would go for $1.2 million today…A good salary was less than $5,000, which would be about $100,000 today.

    So $5 in1953, 60 years ago, was a LOTof money.

  • john wolcott

    Golden Trojan, go for it. Of all the stadiums I have been in Notre Dame’s when SC is playing is No. 1

  • Cheap seats

    Tunnel 1 is the worst possible seating in the Coliseum. In 1953, they still had the track and the field was even farther from the peristyle.

    I’d hope whoever went to this game brought a pair of binoculars!