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Ed Orgeron, Silas Redd

Photo/Associated Press

What does USC coach Ed Orgeron need to do to become win the job full-time? Here’s my story on how big a role the Notre Dame game could play in that decision.

“If Orgeron can steal a victory in South Bend and upset UCLA at the Coliseum in November, his popularity would be so high it would be intriguing to see how Haden bypasses him.”

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  • john wolcott


    So all Coach O has to do is beat ND and SUCLA

    SC is not favored to beat ND on its turf, and SUCLA will undoubtedly be a 6-point favorite to beat Troy

    So the odds are not good.

    A better gauge for the ol’ coach would be how well does the team play in these games, not whether they win them both

    • gotroy22

      You sound like a ruin fan hoping for moral victories.

      • TrojanFamily

        Agree. He needs to win them. The day I am satisfied with losing close games is the day I just start wearing powder puff blue.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Agree……. leave the “Punting is Winning” mentality for the guys across town…….

          • oh listen to the Mud Dogs, in the cellar in every freakin’ sport!!!! big talkers!!!!

    • ThaiMex

      You are RIGHT L.J……cause’ the only victories that matter are MORAL Victories! It’s not whether you win or lose…its how you play the game!
      EGG HEAD!
      fit UN torgans!

  • steveg

    It is so refreshing to see a guy that is real, ya he talks like a cajun and says things differently. He is genuine, not a yuppie punk with perfect hair and nails saying the things that will help him keep his job. Orgeron is not afraid of being fired, he is good and he knows it. Soon a lot of other people will too and if we don’t hire him someone else will.

    • ThaiMex

      Spoken like a true RAH RAH!
      fit UN, Fit UN, Fit UN!

      • steveg

        For once I agree with you. Unbelievable!!

  • Golden Trojan

    It seems a difficult balance in football, discipline v fun and loose. Carroll’s teams showed a lack of discipline at some of the worst times. Kiffin as we are now hearing, was way over the top in controlling everything from the cook in the cafeteria to the offensive coordinator. Let’s hope coach O has the right balance. Beat the Irish!

  • go Mud Dogs!!!

  • Henry Bibby

    “What does USC coach Ed Orgeron need to do to become win the job full-time?”

    Seriously, is this blog written by a 12 year old? Proofread Wolfie. It’s truly pathetic how much you put your nose in other people’s business, and I understand that is your job, but if you put that amount of time in your own business, you would have a great blog.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Why can’t we get Steve Bisheff, who is also a USC alum and far more distinguished?

  • Stu Azole

    I almost hope Ed runs the table, save for UCLA. Coaching now is easy – no pressure because he’s 90% sure he’s gone in a few months. So why not just let it hang out? That won’t last if he gets the gig for real though. So, Trojies, enjoy!

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Unless I missed it earlier on this blog, after last weeks game, USC President Max Nikias was joined on the field by retired General David Petraeus, the architect of the counterinsurgency doctrine that stabilized Iraq under U.S. and allied forced and former Director of the CIA, and he is one of the newest members of the USC faculty. ……And he is also one of Bucket’s favorite people…..

    • ProbationU

      Is he conducting classes on counter insurgency or marriage and family?

      • Trojan Hoarse

        According to the USC Rips it blog,

        “Petraeus is a Judge Widney Professor, which is reserved for eminent individuals from the arts, sciences, professions, business, and community and national leadership. He will teach classes at USC in several different subjects as well as serve on panels, engage in work sessions and mentor student veterans and ROTC.”

      • Golden Trojan

        Seriously, how can the Director of the CIA not keep his mistress a secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • Trojan Hoarse


    • yeah, my favorite, Gen Betray-US!! he left O’Bummer holding the bag with his crappy talking points bulletin for Banghazi attacks.

      he should be crotch kicked and busted down from General to school crossing guard in Garden Grove!!!

      • Trojan Hoarse

        HEY!…. I work in Garden Grove!!!!!

  • sureshot32

    I like Coach O and definitely want to keep him on the staff for as long as he wants to be here. However… there’s no way Orgeron should be leading this program long-term. Coach O has a specific skill set, but being the head of one of the top 5 programs in college football history is not one of them. He’s an ace recruiter. He’s a heck of a defensive line coach. He’s a wonderful motivator (at least short term). But USC needs the creme de la creme as head coach. Someone like Chris Petersen, Kevin Sumlin, or Art Briles. Those are the names Haden should be talking to.

  • WEB_Dupree

    I don’t think beating the rival schools would be enough. There is still probably some ugliness coming in the near future with Stanford coming up plus Utah and recent-jinx Oregon State. If Orgeron pulls off a miracle and runs the table (or nearly so), then bully for him, but it doesn’t seem likely.

  • B.Miller

    He needs to come back to USC regardless of coaching record.. USC would be a ABSOLUTE FOOL to let him go anywhere..

  • Fred Sampson

    Many Coaches have the ingredients to be a successful Coach, but the MAIN ingredient is always the School you Coach for. There is no reason why Ed Orgeron would not succeed at USC, especially if he surrounds himself with great coordinators. Does anybody actually believe Lane Kiffin is a better Coach then Orgeron ? I certainly hope not, Orgeron is an award winning recruiter and much more experience then Kiffin ever had. I would not be a bit surprised if he succeeds from this point on.