Time To End Idea That Special Teams Are Sacred

For more than three years, I’ve heard within the athletic dept. that USC’s special teams are the best in the nation. Kicker Andre Heidari was 1 for 3 tonight and is 6 for 11 this season. He is 1 for 5 between 40-49 yards.
It’s time for someone to admit there is a problem.

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  • Nemesis

    Really? In all honesty UCLA has had better kickers and punters, by far. USC has better kick returners.

    I am actually surprised that the Athletic Department would have such an opinion because Special Teams has been mediocre going back to at least Carroll’s tenure.

    • Ben Factor

      Heidari showed promise his first year. He hasn’t developed. Why not?

      I don’t follow the punting. That’s not problematic, is it?

      The fact is, they don’t have enough scholarships to gave any to kickers, so it is what it is.

      They get some blocks, the returner are good, as you say.

      • ThaiMex

        Ahhhhh….The Old “We’re short on Scholarships” excuse. Sounds like the good old day’s with the “IFFIN’s”….You know….Iffin the Time keeper had started the clock…or..Iffin Barkley had completed the pass”,…or IFFIN we had made the tackle,…Iffin this, IFFIN that, S.C. football sure is back (to “500” …4-4 after this weekends game against UTAH!).
        fit UN YESTERDAY U!

        • Joe Blow

          STANFORD!!!! SANTFORD!!!!
          GO DUCKS! 21 PT. FAVORITES

  • Arturo

    The kicker stinks…so what’s your point?he also cost the team dearly in Wazzu debacle…

  • Independent_George

    Waste of two scholarships.

    Carroll wans’t thrilled with giving scholies to kickers until the proved themselves, and was with a full compliment of rides.

    Wasting two schlarships on kickers will be seens as a significant piece of evidence that Kiffin, despite his “grand plan”, had no idea what he was doing.

    • Ben Factor

      I think Carroll was wrong on that one. He rarely even used all the scholarships. USC’s tuition is too expensive to expect the “best” kickers to attend without a scholarship.

      I don’t know what happened to Heidari after freshman year. What bothers me is that I wonder if Baxter knows what happened to Heidari. And I wonder what USC has to show for lots of special teams practice.

      The NCAA limits practice time and the number of coaches a team can hire. Was this a smart way to go? Hmmm.

  • trojandude207

    I think Heidari has spent his scholarship on the cookies at the training table. He looks out of shape and unprepared. How does anybody who gets in the game maybe three times in 60 minutes miss their assignment? Heidari cost the Trojans way too much to renew that scholarship.

  • B.Miller

    Whats the point of having a special teams coach.. Special teams have been terrible the past two years