USC-Notre Dame: My Pick

No question if this game were being played with Lane Kiffin as head coach, I’d pick Notre Dame. I still think even with USC’s renewed enthusiasm this is going to be a tough game especially if it gets really cold tonight.

That said, I like USC’s chances because the offense is getting better and the defense will not be facing a spread offense. The return of Marqise Lee/Anthony Brown help too.

I’m picking USC to win, 28-27.

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  • Chiete

    I think more than Lee, the difference will be Brown and Breslin. If the defense shores up, we should be in good shape.

    • Helen

      I’m with ya Chiete. Lee is not 100% and won’t be a factor besides as a decoy.

      This is Quinton Powell’s game to shine!

      • Hey SUC’s

        The kitten purrs.

        • Joe Blow

          So did the bRuins! Hahahahahahahaha


    The real question is, who did you pick for last night’s game with Louisville vs UCF? Is Louisville still in your top five?

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Wolfie the Greek? hahaha

      • steveg

        the venerable wolfie the greek.

  • steveg

    That fucla sure is throwin the points up there today. I am totally impressed…NOT!!

    • Rican50

      I guess being rated # 9 means the air is thin, so I think they are starting to choke???

  • Golden Trojan

    SC builds a 28-17 lead then gives up 10 4th qtr points? I still like 31-17 SC.


    Can we get an 8-clap? Where my bRuin clowns at? HUNDLEY FOR HEISMAN!

    • Joe Blow

      Who cares about the Irish? Fucla Kool Aid Party is OVER!!!!
      Memo To Clowns, i.e. buckted 909,Tbean, etc: No matter what happens in South Bend, I’m a HAPPY CAMPER. It OVER!!!

      • TrojanFamily

        Who cares about UCLA? It’s been what seems like a hundred years since they won a conference title.

        • Joe Blow

          Tired of their crap. They are zip.

  • Dr. Paul

    Stanford 24 the Little Red School House 10.

  • gillyking

    LMAO.. Oregon must really be shaking in their webbed boots after that offensive bRUIN display today. Stanfords bitches proved who they really are after their 0 significant wins this season, before this disaster on the farm today.. Top 10 ranking was just too much pressure for these public school pretenders to defend.. out of the rankings after next weeks carnage at Oregon, fo sho mo fo’s!
    Hundley for Heisman? Yeah, Janet Reno for homecoming queen has a better chance of happening!