Ed Orgeron On Officiating

USC coach Ed Orgeron was asked about some players’ comments that the officials made poor calls.

“Those are judgments they’re going to make,” Orgeron said. “Some were obvious. Some were questionable. There are some technique assignments we’re going to work on.”

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    BRUINS are STILL in the MIX for BCS BOWL!!!!!


    • TrojanFan

      Wrong blog!

      Dr T Bone is offering AARP members a free cranium scan. Dude, you need to be all over that, like a fly on a piece shlt!

    • Joe Blow

      I will bet you ANYTHING fucla is NOT is a BCS bowl.

      • TrojanFan

        I’ll throw in a wheelbarrow of pork bellies!

        • Joe Blow

          TF, I’m betting bucket, NOT his pig Mrs. bucket!!

          • TrojanFan

            That ball-less piece of shlt will not bet anyone.

      • Stu Azole

        LOL, quite a stretch to throw out this wager after a loss at Stanford! You’ve got b@lls the size of, well, what’s smaller than a bb?

        • TrojanFan

          ….and you plan on beating Oregon twice? Please explain that one, AZhole

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            LOL fucla wont be playing Oregon twice. ASU is taking the south. meanwhile fucla will experience losses to UO and UW, and by then they might be so demoralized that even USC could have a chance at beating them. IT WILL BE SO GREAT!

          • TrojanFan

            Don’t forget the lose to ASU!

          • Tom Oday

            They don’t have to beat Oregon twice to go to the Rose Bowl.

          • Cheap seats

            In a remove scenario, you’re right.

            However, almost all scenarios need them to beat the Ducks at least ONCE….and both games are AT EUGENE.

            I’m rooting for UCLA when they play each other, but I don’t like their chances after seeing how they fared against Stanford.

          • Tom Oday

            I said they didn’t have to beat them TWICE. And I have not given up on Stanford beating Oregon at home. Lots of scenarios are still out there.

          • Cheap seats

            I think Stanford will beat Oregon at home.

            After watching last year’s PAC-12 championship again, I really thought UCLA was going to win, figuring they’re a better team this year and Stanford is the same at best.

          • TrojanFan

            Wrong!……A two loss Stanford team would get in before them

            Plus, do you think they have any chance of beating Oregon at least once

          • Tom Oday


        • Joe Blow

          Papa Sam’s wallet after dinner with a fucla player.

    • Walt Hazzard

      Wow! With a long history of mindless posts bucket strikes gold! BCS Bowl LOL !!
      TROLL ON!!!!!

  • Goodness Gracious, sakes ALIVE!!!!

    the STING of the Loss to the Rudys and the Public HUMILIATION of the Pious Passer is causing the Dummies to LASH OUT!!!!

    keep it up, Dummies, it’s BETTER when you fight back!!!

    • TrojanFan

      What a FOOL believes!!!!

      It’s cocked and loaded, squeeze the trigger!

  • trojandude207

    Said it before the officials will spend the week in a confessional booth. Holding called every time someone made a good play? coincidence? Look at the game I had a couple of refs watching and they agree SC got mugged on national TV

    • gotroy22

      The Pac 12 refs coinspired against the Pac 12 team? Right, rah rah. How about an alternative theory- Lane Kiffin ruined USC football.

      • trojandude207

        I call them as I see them and I am not blind. The player called for holding was not holding according to the rule. In the Chicago area anything is possible. Let’s take USC’s first touchdown as a sample. During a televised game earlier that day a running back stretched out in similar fashion and was awarded the points the big difference was the way the TV announcers called it. Redd’s knees weren’t down and he broke the plane of the goal line-Touchdown.(not awarded) Conversely ND’s first touchdown the receiver’s butt crossed the goal line not the ball Touchdown. (awarded without replay) Saying someone is a PAC 12 ref means less to me than a Stanford educated game clock manager. Also I did mention the Kiffin Legacy, (in other posts) which includes clueless assistant coaches.

        • ThaiMex

          Typical Torgan gibberish. “in the Chicago area, anything is possible”????? What are you talking about….Al Capone? South Bend is in Indiana (not far from Purdue), while Chicago is in Illinois. Comparing Chicago to South Bend is like comparing L.A. to San Diego.

          Reminds me of that dumb azzzz sport talk radio guy who once said….”The San Antonio river runs thru downtown Los Angeles”.
          MERCY NURSE!

          There’s two kinds of Torgans…Dumb and Dumber!
          Fit UN Knuckleheads!

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Aren’t you a dumb azzzz sport talk radio guy?

          • trojandude207

            Oh hey thanks for the geography lesson they don’t teach that anymore. But I was alluding to the golden era when the team took a train to Chicago. I guess some people just don’t remember those days. And I doubt there was a conspiracy. I don’t believe the mob cares about these two has beens any more than you do. It is widely know that the PAC 12 refs are the worst in the country. Watch the game again with the sound off and judge for yourself.

        • Cheap seats

          What about the non call on the pass interference that would’ve given us a fresh set of downs?

          Also, the BLATANT push off by the Notre Dame TE to get open?

          No conspiracy theory — just think the home field had it’s effect on officiating just like it does in ALL sports.

          Also, the official’s bias eventually manifests itself. The “luck of the Irish” who went the the National Championship on “pure grit” vs. The “cheaters” who just are just a bunch of spoiled kids and had their coach fired.

          Of course they’re going give ND the benefit of the doubt. Just ask the Raiders about those situations…or even New England in their undefeated season after spygate came out.

  • realtrojan

    To tell the truth, the calls made just at the brink of SC scoring the go ahead TD in the second half made me highly suspicious of the possible intentions by the referees. It seemed as if they were to make sure the SC wouldn’t be able to score. I’ve seen so many questionable calls in watching various sporting games that my suspicions are turning into convictions and skepticism towards both collegiate and professional sports these days. And guess which game decisively triggered it? Yep, you guessed it. It was that dreadful game between USC and Texas BCS Championship game. Is it only me who remembers all those ridiculous calls and non-calls? I think not.

    • Saul Goodman

      It’s always hard to say because one can never account enough for your own personal biases while watching. Watch games where you have no rooting interest and see if you find the same.

      • realtrojan

        What gives you the impression that I’m blinded by my “rooting interest”? Is there any possibility that I might not be and that I’m capable of judging what’s fair and what’s not?

        • Saul Goodman

          I’m not saying your blinded. I’m just saying that its always hard to tell how much our biases affect our perception of events. Relax

          • realtrojan

            Again, WTH are you to say that I am biased? Are you divine or something?

        • gotroy22

          The fact that the refs were from the Pac 12 gives us that impression.

          • Cheap seats

            Do you think the Pac 12 refs actually like USC over Notre Dame?

  • steveg

    I felt the same way about some of the calls, but nothing we can do about it now. We had won the game if Lee hangs on to the TD pass. I can’t imagine missing three FG attempts either. Just wasn’t meant to be.

  • Just to be clear, i want to point out that the Pious Passer threw those 3 INT’s in THREE CONSECUTIVE possesions. It was NOT over a whole game or anything!!!

    and did i mention the reveivers were jawing at him right on the field???

  • sureshot32

    I certainly felt that the holding call when Kessler scrambled for a first down to the ND 20 was a terrible call. The lineman got a piece of the ND lineman’s jersey, but nothing to even remotely disrupt his progress. Pac-12 officials are known as the worst in the nation, and this game did nothing to alter that perception. That being said, if Marqise Lee could catch a ball with his stone fingers and if Dion Bailey stopped committing dumb penalties (like the personal foul on ND’s first TD drive) USC would have won the game with or without the ref’s help.

    • Cheap seats

      Agree on the holding call. The funny thing is, if an offense goes to “hurry up mode” ala Oregon, those aren’t holding calls anymore. Neither are the borderline false start calls.

      It’s a huge disadvantage of playing with a huddle. The refs have all the time in the world to put you under the microscope and are itching to throw a flag.

      In hurry up mode, the 50+ year olds are happy if they can spot the ball and move the chains!

  • EncinitasBruin

    So here’s something odd: 6 of the 15 most penalized teams in the nation are in the P12: 1. UW 2. Cal 3. UCLA 5. Oregon 11. USC 15. OSU. Officiating?

  • B.Miller

    If the O-Line stops getting bullied, and push people back.. wouldn’t have to worry about iffy calls..
    I don’t know if its the players or the actually coaching.. y