Injury Report

Ed Orgeron will hopefully have an update today but wide receiver Marqise Lee said he his sprained knee felt OK after the game.
“I think I could have gone back in and I told (Orgeron) but was refused,” Lee said. “I thought I was good before (retweaking it). I felt like 100 percent. I’m good now though.”
Safety Dion Bailey’s arm was in a sling after apparently aggravating a shoulder injury. Tight end Randall Telfer tweaked his knee that he tore the meniscus in last spring. Tight end Xavier Grimble left with his foot in a protective boot. Tailback Justin Davis had a protective boot and crutches.
Wide receiver Darreus Rogers tweaked his sprained ankle he just returned from.

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  • john wolcott

    Why didn’t SC resort to pass-pass-pass in the second half when it was obvious ND had learned to shut down the run game?

    And why not have more rollouts for the QB so the Offensive lineman did not have to maintain their blocks for so long (and eventually were caught holding on several inopportune times)

    Of course, Monday morning quarterbacking is an American tradition

    • marvgoux1

      Or why did we stop playing after that brilliantt first quarter touchdown drive?

  • Joe Blow

    Lee is also suffering from STONE fingers.

  • I warned against bringing Lee back too soon. But Agin’ Cajun dint listen. They almost ruined Woods’ career, now they’re gonna ruin Lee’s???

    • TrojanFan

      No one gives a shlt what you have to say. Go lick your Huckleberry. I heard it makes the flavor change…..ouch!!!!

      Pull the trigger, it’s your only option!

  • Arturo

    Schollie restrictions aren’t an excuse- I know, I know…but if I’m Lee or one of these other players, I look into lawsuits against the ncaa claiming that they are putting my career in jeopardy with these restrictions.

    • marvgoux1

      You want our players to sue the NCAA for playing? Oh wait, you went to CSUN, never mind.

    • Stu Azole

      Freakin genius! Weren’t sanctions handed down before they signed their LOIs? I can see the lawyers lining up to handle that one!

    • ThaiMex

      That was MAYBE the most Eh-Stoopid remark EVER posted by a Torgan PENDEJO! Your prize in in the mail.
      fit UN Pendejo!

  • sureshot32

    Marqise and Dion have been giant disappointments this year. I’m hoping these two can tap into some of that 2012 magic they each had because they’ve both fallen off a cliff this year.

  • steveg

    Leave Lee on the sideline for Utah and let the guys that can catch the ball play. The tight ends have been a disappointment anyway so it doesn’t matter who is hurt. RB by committee seems to work when the line is playing decent.

  • B.Miller