Quick Thought

For all of USC’s woes this season, the Trojans easily could be 6-1 right now if not for one bad play against Washington State and a couple bad play decisions against Notre Dame.

But would a 6-1 record mask deficiencies that really need fixing, such as the offensive line and secondary?

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  • Cheap seats

    Yes — it would. Not only OL and secondary but overall depth with the exception of RB.

    Contrary to your countless claims that scholarships don’t matter, the reality is THEY DO MATTER. Our offensive line isn’t even Div 3 quality and if we played a junior college team we’d still give up sacks from the edges and get holding penalties.

    • Stu Azole

      wait, I thought your 75 were better than our 85? Turns out your 75 aren’t even as good as Wazzu’s 85!

      • Cheap seats

        Even your other screen names are hitting high post counts! I thought you’d retire the Stu already…

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Chad Wheeler really needs to hit the weight room in the off season if he wants to be a legitimate LT…..

      • Cheap seats

        Wheeler is a perfect example of someone who shouldn’t be playing this year. Should have redshirted and worked on technique and bulking like you said.

        I guess Walker was so awful that the OL coach rather have ANYONE.

      • B.Miller

        the whole Oline need to put on some weight.. playing at 290 – 305 is too small.. the SC Oline is getting bullied

  • wolfman, you KNOW i love you like a blood brother, but this can be said of virtually ANY team!!

    Good teams win close games!!!! Bad teams LOSE close games!!! Jim Healy taught us that!!!

    you just gotta a bad F&^%#ing Team, man, a bad F@&%#ing team!!!

    • Mike 70

      thanks Fred.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Right. And if UCLA’s receiver hadn’t fallen down in the final two minutes against the Tree, leading to a Stanford INT, UCLA could be undefeated. pUSC 6-1. That’s a laugher.