Quick Thought On USC-Miami Sanctions

USC lost more players to injury Saturday night at Notre Dame than Miami lost scholaships to NCAA sanctions today.

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  • USConqueror1

    miami gets a wrist slap and what does haden do about all of this?? is he just everyones little b!tch?

    • Joe Blow


  • Joe Blow

    The Cadre is holding an emergency meeting this afternoon. The steering committee for a new AD, led by Prince TF, will recommend action. Most of the members are sick and throwing up, so Bucket is busy cleaning the heads. Report coming later today.

    • silly NUBS, i told you your new Gay Chapter of the Cadre has to be sanctioned by the Real Cadre! unfortunately, t’s not looking good.

      you and your little prince T-Fail can just do what you normally do till then. yeeeeesh.

      • Joe Blow

        When The Cadre makes the decision to start a Gay Chapter, you will be our first phone call. Now quiet down and get the heads clean for the meeting today. Especially the Ladies Room for Helen.

        • HeySucs

          A monkey’s agenda.

          • Joe Blow

            Don’t get so worked up. You’re the second call.

      • The Bat Fooster

        Stu asked me to tell you to knock it off with the gay jokes. And to put away your blue and gold gimp suit.

        • i thought you were Gay. all you talk about are penises and you called T-Fail your Prince!!!

          what the heII am i s’posed to think, ya’ moron???

          • The Bat Fooster

            Newport doesn’t allow gay. Or obummer voters.

          • only a person who lives in Stanton would say those things.

            and O’Bummer has been crotch kicking the GOP for years!!!!


          • The Bat Fooster

            You probaly lived in Stanton before you got foreclosed on and shipped to the IE. I’ll be cruising the harbor in the Bread ‘n Butter III with Miss September while your mopping up BK to get $ for obummer care.

          • Miss September??? but what will Jojo say??? i mean Lolo!!

          • The Bat Fooster

            Their one in the same. Now grab that mop and put your Cal State Westwood degree to good use.

          • yeah, she’s one in the same: Jojo from the carwash in the daytime…then at night magically turns into Lolo at your studio apt. in Stanton.


          • The Bat Fooster

            You and Thaipo keep talking about Stanton. Is that where you two met waiting for work in a Home Depot parking lot?

            I forgot you are both teh same loser posting from the IE.

      • ThaiMex

        Those dudes are QUEER. T-fail likes walking around on his tippy toes while
        wearing his leotard. Word has it he can correctly guess the flavor of a
        Popsicle by shoving one up his rear. Wham Bam, thank you ma’am!
        “Shove It” means Party Time for Nubsie and friends.

        fit Un torgans in tights!

        • i love how NUBS calls T-Fail his “little Prince”!!! that is Liberace-level gay!!! and to think these two queens make fun of other gay people!!

  • CardinalnGold

    It is what it is and there is not much that can be done now. I blame Garrett more than Haden. He acted like an incompetent public defender & SC was punished accordingly. The other school’s A.D.s went about it like seasoned lawyers, kissed some NCAA butt, and got slaps on the wrists.

    • USConqueror1

      Garrett is a F’n idiot, but Haden is everyones b!tch.

  • rusoviet

    Pat Haden’s focus right now is to find the best long-term HC he can. There is nothing more he can do about what was imposed in 2010. If the rest of you actually believe going crazed to the media well change a thing you’re all wrong.

    Smart leaders rid themselves of emotion and cries of ‘…it’s not fair!” – that’s what ‘demokratiche partei genossen’ do. Instead true leaders place their full attention of what can and needs to be done for the future and leaves the moaning and crying to lesser programs.

    If this were u¢la it never would have gotten this far – no one cares about what is going on at OK St. or NC – those are meaningless programs. The national media could give a rip what goes on there – they focus on the big prize, Hesiman Trophy winners, national championship teams, annihilators of SEC teams both home and away and from 2002-2008 nothing was bigger than Trojan football.

    A new day is dawning for all and it begins by moving on from this awful distraction.

    • Jack B

      Strong post. Right on. We’ll be back big long before most of our foes will admit. The time to fight the NCAA was in court (outside of their kangaroo cabal) years ago. We still may have lost because of the NCAA’s immense, unbridled power, but that ship has long ago sailed. All that matters now is bringing in the right guy. Will be very interesting to see how this search pans out and just when the new HC comes aboard.

      • ProbationU

        For once I am in semi-agreement with Johnny B Trojan. The HC hire is the most important. Whether you are back sooner than some of us think depends on the hire. Can you catch lightning in a bottle again like you did with Carroll`? Although it led to sanctions. Or will you end up with a coach that can’t get it done. There are no guarantees. It will take 2 to 3 years to build up depth for the team. It won’t happen immediately.

        You have suffered through Robinson re-do, Larry Smith, Ted Tollner and Paul Hackett. We have had Dorrell and Neuheisel. The right hire is key.

        Even if you tried suing the NCAA years ago it will still be in court. 3 years later and the McNair case is still going on.

      • HeySucs

        My informant says Vic the Brick has the job.

  • trojandude207

    Miami got much more than I expected so I am neither pleased nor displeased. They are not in the same class as USC the NCAA made that clear when the refused to revisit the penalties after giving the molesters a reprieve. They said, “Penn State is not in the same class as USC” True fans will always know what goal of the NCAA was in the matter of sanctions. The fact that the committee on infractions contained a serial cheater is not on their radar with USC. The only thing that can be done is ride it out or take legal action. I doubt legal action is coming so we ride it out. Comparing USC to other schools is a worthless endeavor so stop…PLEASE

  • B.Miller

    I think its spelled “scholarships” .. spell check works on your computer doesn’t it?

    • HeySucs

      “Little things, affect little minds.” BTW, you’re using a pronoun where a contraction is necessary.

      • B.Miller

        Awwh.. thanks for adding your unnecessary comment.. appreciate you taking the time to read my postings..