USC Morning Buzz: Miami Slapped On Wrist

No further bowl ban and a loss of nine scholarships for Miami today. The NCAA botched the case and Miami did self impose penalties but as usual, hard to ignore USC’s penalties compared to this.

Let the fan rage at Pat Haden begin  . . .

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  • Stu Azole

    this is what all SUCsters should have hoped for! After all, it’s unfair to punish current players for past players’ sins, isn’t it? Why should THIS team suffer for the acts of people no longer there?

    SUC ON!

    • HAWR-HAWR!!! so true!!!

      whatta crotch kick to “kick off” the day!!!

    • The Bat Fooster

      And why should YOU suffer for the acts of mommie dearest? And yet you DO.

      • Stu Azole

        Haha, what does that even mean? Clown on!

  • rusoviet

    Aside from the truly corrupt cabal (Gordon Gee and that ‘lawyer’ and her ‘star chamber’ antics) the rest of the program learned from Garrett who did it half-way. He self-sanctioned the mens BB program but did nothing to the football.

    • ProbationU

      Well said, Comrade of the opposition forces!

  • ProbationU

    On a side note, get well Bill Sharman. Great Laker coach…33 straight. Any updates on that Wolf?

  • OMG, i swear, i’m gonna be-piss myself laughing!!!

    first, Molester U gets off with time served, now the most notorious constant offender gets off with a wittle slap on wrist!!!

    maybe you guys can find some fat guys in the Sports Info Dept to play Offenseive Tackle!!!



    • John Derry

      What will happen in the land of baby blue and piss yellow when Mora leaves for the Texas job? He doesn’t want to make peanuts at UCLA forever.

      • The Bat Fooster

        Ha ha, Texans or Longhorns?

      • Mack Daddy ain’t retiring yet, but if Mora goes, we’ll just hire Saban.



          • what’s so funny? Irwin Saban does the books for the Cadre, but he knows EVERYTHING about football!!!

          • Joe Blow

            You are NOT to be referencing the Cadre. YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED.

    • Tom Oday

      Isn’t it UCLA now whining about who to play at OT?

  • Fred Sampson

    No Fan rage here, it is what it is and it’s almost over and I’m sure nobody cares anymore.

    • gotroy22

      That’s right, nobody cares that the NCAA destroyed our program. And the ObamaCare website is working great!

      • C Franklin

        gotroy .Alot of people care. It put USC back 4 years ! FOR NO REASON !

  • The Bat Fooster

    Haden will make up for it when he sings “I Dreamed a Dream” in the fall musical.

    • Joe Blow

      Can you get me tickets? I just love Patty Boy in musicals.

  • Golden Trojan

    Life is not fair,

    Move on,

    Roll with the punches

    Play all your hunches

    Make the best of whatever comes your way
    (apologies to J Buffet)

  • Helen

    Scottie: now that Kiffin is gone you’ve seem to moved on to Haden for the focus of your vitriol.

    Fact: Haden had no involvement in Miami’s case.

    Fact: the NCAA process is one-sided where the NCAA is judge, jury and executioner and the school “on trial” have no opportunity to provide a defense.

    Fact: there never will be consistency with the NCAA.

    Fact: USC sanctions are in the books and nothing will change them.

    Move on dude.

    • C Franklin

      Fact Helen. The NCAA can be sued at anytime..Learn the facts Helen. It is up to USC to sue beyond the football field. There is so much evidence of corruption in NCAA it is beyond human comprehension..

      • Helen

        You only sue if you have a chance of winning.

        • C Franklin

          Excuse me ? Do you have a clue about the Bush/Mcnair case ?. It has already been proven they broke many laws in the case verse McNair. A superior court judge has already released that. OMG how naive people can be.Learn the legal system Sue. It is only not being done because it is not politically correct in the universitie’s viewpoint.

          • Helen

            Thanks for the breaking news – McNair Wins, McNair Wins. NOT.

          • Helen, those are some sweeeet moves!!!

            it’s good to see some trOXanettes still have their wits about them!!

            too many Tea Baggers in the Southern Cal congregation!! they still think Southern Cal could be undefeated “except for one bad play” and that they are gonna beat Stanford and UCLA!! and that “suing” will make everything better!!

            way to slap some sense into them!!!

          • C Franklin

            How big of a moron are you Bucket ? Why are you even here ?We don’t need baby blue wearing children here. Stop trolling child.

          • C Franklin

            And Helen I guess your not able to read a court trial case that was already decided by a superior court judge. It was posted all over the the place. Including at LA Superior court. The NCAA is blocking the release of details on a appeal ruling. But it will be released. Read before you write in ignorance child.

          • hey, that’s no way to talk to a lady, trOXan!!! you do that again and you’ll get a Bobby Hill crotch kick that you’ll never forget!!!!

          • Helen

            Could of… would of… will be…

            The fact remains: McNair has NOT won. He is unemployable because of the NCAA.

          • Stu Azole

            Please, please, show us the judgment!

    • gotroy22

      Now that Kiffin is a proven failure you are now defending Pat Haden.
      Fact: You are a shameless rah rah.
      Fact: Penn State had their sanctions reduced yey Haden couldn’t get the NCAA to give us the time of day. That means he failed, Helen.
      Fact: you know nothing about football, the NCAA or journalism.

  • ProbationU

    NCAA was never going to reduce SC’s penalties. Any change of course could have been an admission of guilt or wrongdoing on their part while the McNair case is still pending. Reduction of penalties could be used against them. It had nothing to do with Pat Haden. Original penalties had everything to do with Mike Garrett and his handling of things, i.e. punishing basketball only to try and avoid football sanctions, his comments and his general attitude.

  • USConqueror1

    haden is acting a little queer in the face of all of this drama.

  • Joe Blow


    • gotroy22

      Now you’ve gone and offended Helen, Queen of the Rah Rahs!

  • C Franklin

    Pat stop being so polite ! It is time to sue the NCAA…period !

  • LamontRaymond

    Time to get federal courts involved. There’s simply nothing to lose at this point. And to gain? 10 more scholies this year.

  • B.Miller

    Q: What does Pat Haden and the SC O-Line have in common?

    A: They are both soft, and like to get bullied!