Lamar Dawson Out For Season

Middle linebacker Lamar Dawson suffered a knee injury in practice Tuesday and is out for the season. He joins tailback Justin Davis, who underwent ankle surgery. Safety Gerald Bowman is going to redshirt after suffering a shoulder injury.

On the plus side, tailback Tre Madden is practicing and will probably play. Anthony Sarao will start at linebacker in place of Dawson.

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  • Cheap seats

    Dawson has been probably the biggest disappointment of any USC player on the roster. I hope he can turn it on next year and wear the #55 proudly.

  • TroyFan52

    This is crazy….who’s next??? And how are they favored by six and a hook???

    • gotroy22

      It must be because the Utah quarterback has an injured hand.

  • Arturo

    Sarao hasn’t shown anything more than being a back-up. Quinton Powell, Jabari Ruffin, Scott Starr and Company need to step up. I hope this doesn’t get too bad.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      I agree…. although he can hit like truck, watching Sarao in pass coverage is a painful thing to witness… keep an eye out for a big game by Powell this weekend….

  • Fred Sampson

    They have depth at Running back and can rotate those Linebackers until they find a good fit. Anthony Sarao is a bit undersize but almost the same type of player Lamar Dawson is and if he can’t do it I’m sure somebody else in their stable can. So I really don’t see where there is going to be a problem just yet with those injuries.

  • B.Miller

    What would the NCAA do if USC recruited more than allowed? make USC pay a fine?

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Most of the teams in the SEC oversign recruiting classes EVERY year…….